Top Young QB Lawrence Expected in Athens

One of the top young QBs in Georgia, Trevor Lawrence catches up with Matt DeBary.

Cartersville QB Trevor Lawrence catches up quickly with Matt DeBary.

Q: Here with QB Trevor Lawrence, Trevor how do you think you did today?

A: I think I did pretty good. I missed some throws but it’s alright. I think I did pretty good overall.

Q: What can you improve on after today?

A: Probably just working on my feet a little more and get my footwork better.

Q: I know you came to this camp last year, what improvements have you made since then?

A: I’ve gotten a lot bigger and stronger since then, my arm has gotten stronger. My feet still need to get a little better but they have improved since then.

Q: What do you like about this camp compared to others that you have participated in?

A: I like this because Chad and all of them, they promote you and you can get some offers from participating here. I’m trying to get more offers so this is helping me out.

Q: Any more thoughts on the camp here. Any other prospects stand out to you?

A: It’s a good camp because when you come, there’s some people you don’t know about that you find out are really good. I think I did pretty good today and I think if anyone should come here if they are trying to get recruited.

Q: Are you going to any other camps soon or have any visits planned?

A: This summer I’m going to some college ones. I know I’ll make a trip to Georgia, Clemson and Florida State. I think one is in the beginning of June, I’m not exactly sure.

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