Jennifer Hudson Has Ruined the NFL Draft

Tom Brady is the Jennifer Hudson of football, and those two make it hard on everyone else to live in reality when it comes to talent.

ATHENS - All American Idol fans remember Jennifer Hudson - contestants on the reality pop-star show seem to really remember her (more on that in a second).

She’s performed at the Super Bowl and won a Grammy - both are pretty good indicators that you’ve made it in the music world. And so often when singers on American Idol don't like what they hear from the judges (even though it is almost always true) they quickly throw up that the judges don’t know what they are talking about, and that they wanted to get rid of Jennifer Hudson, and now Hudson is a star.

The judges were wrong - they got it wrong that one obvious time they shouldn't have gotten it wrong. And now we have to hear about it whenever anyone is passed over on the show... "I'm going to show them!"

37-year old Tom Brady, is the Jennifer Hudson of football. And you can thank Tom Terrific for so many obviously not good football players (see Tim Tebow as an example) feeling that they still have what it takes - even though its pretty unlikely that they have the right stuff.

We’ve entered that pivotal time of the year where everyone likes to gush about the chances of a 6th round pick, when, in reality, players who go lower in the NFL Draft are not nearly as likely to have successful careers (if “careers” at all) in the NFL. They are, as I learned in my regression analysis classes in grad school, called outliers. Tom Brady is an outlier - a 6th round pick who has gone on to have a hall-of-fame career. Tebow, actually, is an outlier as well... a failed first round quarterback... although there are many, many more of those when compared to the likes of Brady, who has as many rings (4) as franchises Tebow has "played" for.

Contestants on American Idol always scream about Jennifer Hudson - because (as is obvious) missing on Hudson once takes away all credibility from the judges. SMH. Its funny because its predictable. Its sad in football because it hardly ever happens. Outliers exist - no question - but they are outliers nonetheless.

Now, I’m not a dream killer - no. Let’s say I’m more of a reality bring to lifer… if that’s a thing. Come on... admit it - you get tired of listening to any player drafted in the third rounder or later talking about how he's going to spend the rest of his career beating the teams that didn't draft him. That sort of Draft Day talk is so played out. We get it - you are motivated. So is everyone else. Still, you were picked where you were picked (or, in some cases, not picked at all) because of the body and skill you have and the work you have or have not done at the time of the NFL Draft.

Everyone isn’t Tom Brady. Your child, likely, isn’t Tom Brady. And that’s OK. We can’t all date supermodels and have his Disney-like, four-time Super Bowl champion (and counting) career.

That’s what make his story so great - it was so unexpected. But Brady is the outlier - don't confuse yourself, and don't think your path will be like his because it won't.

Most players in the NFL are what they are - if they are first rounders they are more likely to be Pro Bowlers. If they are 7th rounders they are more likely to be cut. This is the NFL - this is how it goes.

Why must we coddle so much? Does it really hurt anyone to have a sprinkle of reality mixed in with their dreams? After all, dreams don’t just take “hard work” to come true - if this was about hard work alone Rudy would have been a first rounder for sure. Making dreams come true also takes luck, patience and usually a durable body that can handle the rigors of the NFL… oh, and someone that doesn’t come along a year later to knock you out of your spot - you know to make their dreams come true.

Most NFL players are Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Lauren Alaina or Scotty McCreery… I don’t know who any of them are, and you probably don’t either. That doesn’t mean they are poop performers - it just means they aren’t Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson.

And that’s OK - there is no shame in getting passed over by some teams. But please, can we keep the "payback" talk to a minimum?

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