Lou Holtz Press Conference Quotes 9/3/01

South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz held his weekly press conference yesterday. His quotes follow.

"Ken Harney's ankle is swollen and he is very doubtful for the game. (Willie) Sams is out of the game and Brian Scott will be questionable."

"We had some people play pretty well. Nobody played brilliant. On defense I felt (Antione) Nesmith and (Andre) Goodman played well. Antione played very physical. John Stamper and Dennis Quinn and Willie Offord played well up front."

"Our tackles on offense played pretty well. Hart Turner played very well at tight end. Larrell Johnson and Shane Hall performed well. Phil Petty, Derek Watson, Ryan Brewer, Corey Alexander and Carlos Spikes also played well. Some may not appear in the statistics."

"I don't know if I ever felt worse after a win than I do at the present time because I know the road that lies ahead of us. We are greatly concerned right now because we did not play the way you have to play. We are not a big play team on offense and we are going to have to be far more consistent."

"We could not get to the passer even when we blitzed. I didn't think we stopped the run as consistently as what you have to do, and a lot of that has to do with our tackling."

"As bad as I felt after looking at our film and the win, I felt even worse after looking at the University of Georgia. All the things we had going for us last year, Georgia has going for them at the present time. They have great chemistry and great enthusiasm. They have a sense of purpose. I don't think there is any doubt they have been looking forward to the South Carolina game since last year. But this is a completely different Georgia team."

"Georgia has won four straight bowl games. I think they have been in the top 25 four straight years. We are not talking about a program that has been down."

"Offensively, in the preseason they were picked to have maybe the best offensive line in the country. They have an excellent offensive line. Very athletic."

"They have always had good talent at wide receivers. (Terrence) Edwards has been in some categories as a preseason All-American. He burned us two years ago down there with great explosiveness."

"(Musa) Smith was a freshman All-American running back last year. In their opening ballgame he averaged about eight yards per carry."

"The real key ingredient of their offense, besides Mark Richt and all the various things he brings to it, is their quarterback (David) Greene. He's left-handed, he has great poise and they put him in the shotgun a lot. They give him excellent protection, have great speed at wide receiver and he's exceptionally accurate."

"I don't see a weakness from them at offense. Defensively they are very athletic. They just have some great football players on defense. They are playing better and harder then I have ever seen a Georgia football team play."

"Being down there two years ago, I remember the crowd was very loud. It is a good field. They just play with confidence down there. There's an air of confidence that they have at home."

"Georgia is very impressive. It's not only what Georgia does but it is the concerns I have for our team. When you put those two combinations together, it does not create a good sleeping atmosphere."

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