Dean’s List: 2015 Road Trips

Dean Legge takes a look back at the five road trips on the 2015 slate.

1. Nashville

If you are most interested in watching Georgia win the football game (and most people are more interested in that more than anything else), Nashville is the place for you. Georgia should run past Vanderbilt in the second game of the season.

In addition, Nashville is a great town. If you like live music (specifically country) you can go virtually anywhere in town to hear solid music. If you don’t like what you hear all you have to do is go to the bar next door. Nashville is also a hub of new fusion food - a cosmopolitan mix of food and beer. If you like regular, good old bar-b-que, you are in good shape there as well.

Nashville is one of the best places Georgia fans get to visit every other year.

2. Jacksonville

You know what, Jacksonville itself is not that great of a town. It is very “Florida”. If you like strip malls, sprawl and the smell of coffee downtown then Jacksonville is the place for you. With that said, “Jacksonville” is really Georgian for “hey, let’s go to the beach and drink too much and get dropped off at the stadium and watch the Dawgs beat the Gators.”

Most people are going to really like that.

In terms of culture - I’d say there’s not a ton going on in Jacksonville. Someone from the local Chamber can e-mail me ( and let me know what I am missing out on, but for the most part I would stick to the beaches part of the trip. That’s what Georgia fans know best about going to Jacksonville, and they should stick with that.

The scene around the stadium… let’s be honest - it is awful.

3. Auburn

Auburn itself is not that bad. There’s not much there outside of the stadium. Traffic? Probably as bad as anywhere other than Clemson. This is the longest day trip of the year for the Dawg Post crew. We don’t get a hotel - can’t justify it. We go straight to Auburn and drive back. ?

So, we really don’t do much in terms of hanging out in Auburn. We hit up Newnan on the way back, or maybe that Taco Bell on the way out of Auburn. That’s about it. Wish I had more. I don’t.

4. Atlanta

Plans for Georgia’s trip to Atlanta:

1. Beat Tech.

?2. Beat Tech.

3. Beat Tech.

5. Knoxville?

There are some OK places in Knoxville. Calhoun's on the River is a decent food spot, but it will be absolutely jammed before and after the game. They have a ton of TVs to watch after the UT-Georgia game… if the game isn’t at night. It is also very, very close to Neyland Stadium.

You should also check out Stefano's Chicago Style Pizza if you get in on Friday night before the game. It is about a 15-minute walk from Neyland Stadium.

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