Two Future Dawgs Just Click

Ben Cleveland and Jacob Eason are two of the top 100 prospects in the country and both plan to play between the hedges as Georgia Bulldogs. Each has his own style and are from opposite ends of the country, but the two have gotten to know each other well, and Cleveland tells you about Eason here...

Big Ben Cleveland calls himself a redneck.

He is from that small town in Northeast Georgia, Toccoa. He has the beard, he wears cowboy boots, and he speaks with that southern twang.

Jacob Eason is from Seattle all the away across the country and he is more of the city boy with gel in his hair, always looks cleanly shaven, and sporting the cool NIKE shoes.

These two could not be more different on the outside, but since getting to know each other in Athens last summer, the two have gotten close, stayed in touch, and they have hung out as much as possible.

Cleveland had to explain to Eason what Waffle House was; apparently they don't have those in Seattle. Find out a lot about Eason, how the two committed to the Dawgs last summer, and more here in this video.

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