Dean’s List: Top Five 2015 Defenders

Dean Legge's list of the top five defenders for the 2015 Georgia Bulldogs.

1. Leonard Floyd

Best player, perhaps, at Georgia. The difference between Leonard Floyd and Nick Chubb is that Chubb gets to have the ball in his hands all of the time whereas Floyd doesn’t. With that said, in terms of who is the best overall defensive player - that’s Floyd for me… right now.

When you are as good as Georgia is at one position (outside linebacker), one of them doesn’t always have to stick out. But Floyd, right now, is the best of the three outside linebackers at Georgia. He didn’t play against Louisville in the Belk Bowl, and Floyd was badly beaten against the Gators. But other than that, he’s proven a brutal defender to deal with. He makes plays and gets after the quarterback.

He’s very difficult to deal with. ?

?2. Jordan Jenkins

The biggest of Georgia’s outside linebackers, Jenkins often plays defensive end in Georgia’s mixed up defensive sets. Jenkins is going to leave Athens as a three-year starter. He’s not as good at rushing the passer as his two friends at his position.

But Jenkins is much more sturdy than the other two. Therefore, he’s more diverse, too. Most of the coming year, look for Jenkins to play as a defensive end. That will allow the Bulldogs to get their three best defenders on the field at the same time.

3. Lorenzo Carter

Carter might be the best defender and possibly Georgia’s best overall player by the time October rolls around. He’s coming on strong now. As a pure pass rusher combo, I’m not sure Georgia has had a better combination than Carter and Floyd in the last ten years.

Carter might have the most upside of any player on the roster at Georgia outside of Brice Ramsey. The sky is the limit for the Gwinnett County native. He very well could be a top five pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

4. Dominick Sanders

Sanders doesn’t have perfect measurables, but he might be the best “football player” on the defensive side of the ball. Time after time, Sanders had a hand in making a play - often a game-chancing play - for the Bulldogs in 2014.

That was when he had no experience.

Some guys can just play football. That’s what we are seeing in Sanders. He won’t go down as a legend in Athens; he won’t get drafted real high. But Sanders is going to be a multi-year starter at a major SEC school after being a recruiting afterthought.

5. Sterling Bailey

For me, it’s hard to know where to go with No. 5. Sterling Bailey—he could wind up much lower on this list in a matter of a game, but without Georgia’s 2015 class on campus and with the inside linebackers unsettled, Bailey has to be considered one of the better players on the defensive side of the ball.

Is Josh Dawson better? Qunicy Mauger? Malkom Parrish? Devin Bowman? You know what? I don’t know. But Bailey has been very productive the last two seasons, so he gets the nod from me… for now.

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