Legge on Golson's Move

Dean Legge breaks down former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson's chances of winding up in Athens.

Dean Legge talks with Roy Philpott on 105.5 The Roar on Monday afternoon:

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Golson is going to wind up at Florida State

"This has been done for a while," one source told me just now.

Let me rewind a little bit here: Georgia is petrified of losing a scholarship quarterback right now. They are very concerned about just being able to practice with three QBs let alone two. 

That likely the No. 1 reason a starter was not named coming out of spring practice. In terms of that race - I have heard no one say anything other than Brice Ramsey is the player in the lead. Most think it would take a lot for Ramsey to be the backup. He’s viewed as the starter, but no one will say that out loud for a slew of reasons. 

Ramsey, according to many, “really made a good jump” this spring. “He’s like a different guy out there,” said another. 

But he’s legitimately not yet won the spot. Here’s why: there is no reason to name him the starter publicly. That would set of a chain reaction of events and most likely lead to at least one quarterback leaving. 

How do you run a practice with two scholarship quarterbacks? Not very well. Obviously the first and second team units would not be effected, but that only takes into account those times in practice in which the team is in units. 

In position drills someone has to deliver the ball to running backs, tight ends and receivers. That’s what the quarterback do. And needless to say you have to be aware of the wear and tear of shoulders and so forth during seasons. 

The biggest thing, too, with just having two scholarship quarterbacks is that someone is going to have to run the scout team during the fall. 

With all of that said, it came as a surprise to Georgia when Everett Golson’s name popped up late last week tied in any way to Georgia, and quite frankly, South Carolina.

Brian Schottenheimer “has never talked with him and never seen him on film” said one source of Golson. 

But the news got around pretty quick that Golson was set to visit Georgia and South Carolina this week. Looks like that might have been poor reporting. One network had one reporter saying one thing and another reporter contradicting that report. It was messy. 

From all I have gathered, South Carolina had no idea Golson was interested in the Gamecocks. “I’m pretty sure he’s not going to start here,” one source in Columbia told me. “I’m really not sure where in the hell South Carolina came up in this entire thing… why would Georgia want him?”

I didn’t have much of an answer. 

Folks in Horry County, where Golson grew up, say that the signal caller wasn’t pursued by Steve Spurrier when he came out of high school and that he wouldn’t pursue him now. 

“The kid had more turnovers by himself than most of college football last year,” one person said. “You think Spurrier wants that? He can score without good quarterbacks. Also, there’s been a lot of discussion that Everett isn’t super interested in football. He’s got other interests. So I just don’t think it is a fit.” 

But I know that Georgia was sent into a scramble to let at least one of its top QBs know that they had nothing to do with Golson having interest in Georgia, and that they had not recruited him to come to Georgia in any way. It took nearly everyone by surprise, but it seems Golson’s father might have been trying to set up a smokescreen for where his son was truly headed - Tallahassee - and South Carolina and Georgia provided just that.

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