Quick notes from Cartersville

Matt DeBary chats with a three-star TE Miller Forristal and QB Trevor Lawrence

Last week I went up to Cartersville High School to check up on 2018 QB Trevor Lawrence and 2016 TE Miller Forristal. Both continue to get offers seemingly every day, and both look to lead the Hurricanes deep into the state playoffs for a second year in a row.

Trevor Lawrence is a guy who has the potential to be a national recruit for the 2018 class. Only a freshman, Lawrence already has the size coaches look for in a QB with a laser arm. Freshman QBs are not supposed to look like he does, and they are not supposed to be getting offers this early from major programs. Colorado State offered first, followed by many others. Ole Miss was his first SEC offer, and then LSU offered last Thursday. When program like Ole Miss and LSU offer a QB during his freshman year, it’safe to say the kid could be special. His coaches, as well as myself and many associated with the Cartersville program, all believe that Lawrence will be a special player throughout high school and into college.

When I watched practice, it was easy to be impressed with his arm, but that isn’t the only thing that makes Lawrence a special prospect. Unlike Forristal who seems like a jokester at times on the field, Lawrence was focused on getting better and better with each rep. He seems quiet, but has all the tools necessary to be a leader. He made some great throws throughout practice, but he wasn’t perfect. He has the strength and accuracy to be successful, but he needs to focus on making the best decision on the field, and target the correct receiver. He has only played one full season of high school football, so these things happen. He doesn’t know the playbook as well as a senior who has been here for years, and he shouldn’t be expected too just yet. Once he has the playbook down and can make the right read, the sky is the limit for Lawrence. One coach in particular told me that Lawrence is the best Quarterback in the state, and I don’t blame him. He does not have a Georgia offer just yet, but one is coming. Brian Schottenhiemer was in Cartersville to watch the two practice on Wednesday, so an offer could be coming shortly.

Miller Forristal is a 2016 Tight End who has really got a lot of attention lately from some big programs. What I like most about the former QB is how athletic he is. At practice he lined up at wide receiver, tight end, and even some defensive end. Not surprisingly, he excelled at all of them. At Tight End, he is a big body who can really go up and get the ball. He blocks well, runs well, has big hands and can catch. I believe he only dropped one ball the entire practice, and it was one he catches nine times out of 10. Georgia is really going after Kyle Davis and Charlie Woerner at tight end but both could be listed at wide receiver too. If Georgia extends an offer to another Tight End, which I think they will, Miller Forristal might be getting that Georgia offer. If that happens, Georgia fans should be excited. I have high expectations for both Lawrence and Forristal for the 2015 season. I would be surprised if they did not put up some big time numbers.

After practice, I sat down with both to talk about last season, and what they like to do outside of football.

Question: What was the most memorable moment from last year?

Miller Forristal: “Sandy Creek in the fourth quarter. We were down two touchdowns and came back and won that game. Trevor ran one in, then he had a 50-yard bomb to me on the third and 10, then another bomb on third and 15 again to me later down the field, then we ran it in.”

Trevor Lawrence: “We had third and 10 on about our own 30. We had a long play then a few more and eventually put it in.”

Question: Is Sandy Creek the biggest rival right now?

Forristal: “Sandy Creek and North Cobb. We played a really tough game against North Cobb.

Lawrence: “Agree”

Question: What was the best game from last year?

Forristal and Lawrence: “Sandy Creek last year in the third round of the playoffs.”

Question: Miller, what position do you play? Saw you all over the field today.

Forristal: “They are starting to integrate me as an outside linebacker type, but I’ll play Wide Receiver and slot, then move into the backfield. I’ll play Tight End in college but right now I’m doing whatever I can to help the team win.”

Question: Since the Buford game, what have you improved the most on?

Lawrence: “Probably just the offense mostly because last year being a freshman I wasn’t sure about the offense until halfway through the year. I started getting it down but I’ve gotten a lot better since then.”

Question: Miller you were the QB before Trevor, can you talk about that a little?

Forristal: “Yes sir. We would switch series at QB. I got hurt at the North Cobb game, and I talked to the coach about continuing to switch series’ back and forth, or let Trevor stay at QB and switch me to TE which makes the team better. It was a pretty easy transition. I knew where everyone had to be anyway, but now I’m able to polish everything up and I’ve gotten a lot better.

Question: Talk about some new offers you have earned.

Forristal: “I’ve gotten an offer from Central Florida and Cal. UGA would be my dream offer. They are coming either next Monday or Tuesday.”

Lawrence: “I got Ole Miss on Monday. The QB coach came down to watch me throw, then they told coach King and coach Bail that I had an offer.

Question: What do you do when you aren’t playing football?

Forristal: “My dad has a martial arts studio, so I teach and do that.”

Lawrence: “If I have time after practice I try to play some video games. Black Ops 2 is my game right now. Waiting for Black Ops 3 to come out.

Question: Height and weight?

Forristal: “I’m 6’5, 215”

Lawrence: “6’5, 187”

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