Dean’s List Non-Conference Match-ups of 2015

Dean Legge reviews the top non-conference games of the year for the Bulldogs.

Dean’s List Non-Conference Match-ups of 2015

Georgia Tech

Georgia will have a difficult time going to Atlanta and winning. The Tech win in 2014 wasn’t a fluke. The Jackets fought back hard to stay in the game. That showed a tremendous amount of mental toughness for a program that is used to losing to the Bulldogs.

Georgia has played some wild games in the last three years — 2012 Alabama, 2013 LSU, 2013 Auburn, 2013 Georgia Tech and 2013 Tennessee — but the 2014 Georgia Tech game might take the cake as the most wild of them all.

There were a slew of things that never happen in games: a missed extra point, blocked FG, multiple fumbles on the one-yard line (twice by Georgia; once by Tech), fake field goal, 99-yard TD by the defense -things that rarely happen in full seasons, let alone in one game.

But that’s what the 2014 Tech-Georgia game was like… madness.

The Bulldogs should expect nothing less two days after Thanksgiving this fall.

2. Georgia Southern

There will be corners of the state excited to see Georgia Southern try its best to top the Bulldogs again in Athens. The Eagles thought they had Tech beat last fall, but didn’t do everything needed to win that game in the end.

Beating Georgia Tech, an option-based offense who can make mistakes that keep teams in games, is one thing. Beating the Bulldogs is another. Southern has recently beaten the Gators — yes, that did happen — on the road. But that was a wounded Florida tribe full of malcontents. They may have given up on the season.

Can Southern do that to Georgia? I find it hard to believe.

3. Louisiana-Monroe

A directional school to start the season - warm up the Redcoats.

4. Southern

I’m just here to watch the band. Entertain me, Human Jukebox. Entertain me.

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