Georgia Press Conference - Mark Richt Quotes

Mark Richt spoke to the media Tuesday during the weekly press conference.

"Last week we enjoyed getting a win under our belts and getting everybody used to how we do things. The walk (through the Tate Center parking lot) was the highlight. That walk was very exciting. We'll continue to do it as long as the fans enjoy it and it remains a positive thing."

"We've got a lot of guys coming back for this game (versus South Carolina) after serving suspensions. I'm proud of how those guys handled the situation. We decided to have them right with the team for the walk and on the sidelines. I walked in and out of the players on the sideline and they acted well. They were excited about their teammates doing well."

"My first impression of South Carolina is that their defense has a lot of team speed. The scheme they have is a bunch of guys who can run and hit and play extremely hard."

"I think (quarterback David) Greene is a solid starter now. Although Cory (Phillips) had some rough series, he played well. Greene had a more solid performance."

On whether Georgia will play two quarterbacks against South Carolina:
"As of now that's not the plan. When I named Greene number one, I didn't want to say he was a solid starter because it was a close battle. My thinking, at first, was to play Greene and then Cory practiced really well. I thought the only fair thing to do was to rotate them every two series. I told them that and told them to relax and just try to run the offense. It just so happened that Greene played better. It's a long season. We need Cory to play for us and play well."

On trash talk:
"I haven't seen this group as a team that talks a lot of trash. I don't think we have any reason to. We haven't really done anything yet and we got whipped last year. There's not a lot to talk about."

On South Carolina's defense:
"It's a balanced defense. They don't care how you line up, they play pretty good defense. They keep the same personnel in no matter what you're doing."

On coaching experience:
"I think you gain experience by playing a guy like (Lou Holtz). Hopefully, it won't be a harmful lesson."

On players focusing on the game:
"I think Tuesday's practice goes a long way in getting them to focus on what they need to do. It's a grueling practice." "I hope we'll be able to put pressure on their quarterback without having to blitz. It's tough to get to (South Carolina's) passer, they get the ball off quick."

"Football is a game of momentum and it's hard to change. Momentum is a powerful thing. Whichever team wins this game is going to have momentum."

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