Georgia Press Conference - Player Quotes

A few players spoke to the media during Tuesday's press conference. Their quotes follow.

Offensive Tackle Jon Stinchcomb

On playing South Carolina: "It is a big game. It is the first SEC game of the year. It is a very talented opponent. It could be a momentum builder and it could be a momentum breaker. There is a great amount of importance placed on this game.

It is an SEC caliber team, and the No. 21 team in the nation and so I definitely think South Carolina deserves a good deal of respect."

On last year's game: "I am not going to dwell on last year, but it definitely built momentum for South Carolina. That is in the past."

On the team's motivation for this week: "We have a new staff and a new team. It is two different teams that are playing this year as opposed to last year. Our focus is to get a victory for this team. I'm sure the revenge factor is on the minds of some but I think it is overblown."

On South Carolina's defense: "They have a very unique alignment and strategy compared to other teams. I think that South Carolina is very athletic. They have team speed and they don't quit. You can watch game film of them and you can see that they are always moving and they are always working to get to the ball."

Split End Terrence Edwards

"South Carolina never beat this coaching staff here and so we are not talking about revenge. We are just talking about taking one step closer to winning a SEC Championship."

On the arrival of the no-huddle offense: "I was very excited. I like to play a fast break-type offense. It wears opponents down."

Quarterback David Greene

"I think South Carolina did a good job of bringing guys from everywhere (last year). I feel like our protection will hold up and I have confidence in them and hopefully we will be able to pick everybody up."

On South Carolina's defense: "South Carolina runs a different type of defense. It is more like three down linemen with five linebackers across. You do not see that too much in SEC football. Every one has to know their role this week and know where to go with the football."

On last year's game: "It was kind of a shocking feeling. I was still learning the offense and so I didn't know too much about what was going on. I was just trying to soak in the atmosphere. (South Carolina) throws a lot at you and I know last year they blitzed Quincy (Carter) a lot. This year I think our protections are good and I think they will hold up."

On what Georgia needs to do to win: "I think we need to execute. As far as I am concerned I think I need to do a better job of faking the ball. After watching the film I felt like I did not do a good job of that. I do not think we need to change the gameplan too much. I think we just need to execute."

On the importance of the game: "Every SEC game is important and you have to win every one of them. We are going to treat this one just like any other game."

Defensive End Josh Mallard

On South Carolina's offense: "They present a lot of threats. First of all they have a great coach and they have great players. Their offensive line has probably some of the best tackles we will be going against this year. Their quarterback makes good decisions and their backs are some of the best in the country."

"I think the "revenge" factor is more for the media. We want to go out and play well this year and we want to prove to ourselves that we can beat them."

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