All Eyes on Hockman in Athens

You tend to get a lot of attention on the day you commit - Bailey Hockman knows that well now.

Bailey Hockman commanded a lot of attention at Friday’s 7-on-7.

After announcing his commitment to Georgia Friday morning before the games began, all eyes turned to the Bulldogs’ latest addition.

McEachern didn’t play a single game without Brian Schottenheimer, Mark Richt or John Lilly in the audience. Georgia’s recruiting master Brian McClendon hung out and watched for a while as well. Mike Ekeler even came and got a sneak peek of the future Georgia quarterback. Lilly had his sights on two of Hockman’s favorite targets, three-star receiver Tyler Simmons and four-star receiver Tyler Smith.

Playing most of the day in Sanford, the 2017 four-star slinger looked mighty comfortable not only playing in the Bulldogs’ stadium but also performing for his future coaching staff.

Hockman and his father, McEachern head coach Kyle Hockman, chatted it up with the Georgia offensive coordinator a fair bit.

Though Hockman can chuck the ball down the field in a pretty fashion, Hockman’s best skill is his vision and mentality. Growing up in the son and grandson of coaches, Hockman gets his football intelligence from both his genetics and practice. When he wasn’t taking snaps, he was keeping stats for his backup quarterback.

Hockman’s grandfather and former McEachern coach Ken Hockman said that the four-star signal-caller’s biggest asset is his vision and “very, very quick delivery.” He also said that Hockman was likely relieved to go ahead and make his commitment that morning to relieve some of the pressure of recruiting.

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