Is Georgia scoring too fast?

Any score is a good score, but with what appears to be a high-powered offense here to stay in Athens, will Georgia score too fast for its own good?

Even though Georgia scored three on drives of 80 yards or more on Saturday, the longest drive in terms of possession was only 3:23. Georgia had five plays of at least 26 yards or more and scored 6 touchdowns last weekend. Sure, Georgia was playing an inferior opponent in Arkansas State, but what if the Dawgs are scoring too fast for their own good?

If there is a team that could slow the Dawgs down it could very well be South Carolina. Everyone remembers what happened last season. Quincy Carter had no clue what a zone blitz was and consequently threw five interceptions. The game ended any hope that Carter had of winning the Heisman.

But a closer look at the numbers showed that Carolina only allowed Georgia to gain 202 total yards of offense in last season's game. So why then would I be concerned about Georgia scoring too much?

South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz has complemented every aspect Georgia's offense. From Richt calling the plays, to Greene calling the signals, to the offensive line's improvement, to Musa Smith's impressive play last week, Holtz knows that Georgia offense is solid, at least on paper.

The concern however, that I have is not that Georgia would score too much, that would be great for the Dawgs. Instead my fear is that the defense, several of who's starters are playing in their first game of the season, will be forced to be on the field for a long time Saturday night.

"We're not going to make many big plays on offense, so we had better do a good job of controlling the ball," said Holtz of his Gamecock squad.

If Carolina is not going to make big plays, and Georgia is (based on its performance and the accuracy of Greene last weekend) then that could cause some problems for Georgia.

Carolina most certainly has a back in Derek Watson that is capable of grinding out a win in Athens. Phil Petty has grown leaps and bounds compared to his play a couple of seasons ago. Carolina can and will, if allowed to, grind the ball to a slow victory. It is their game.

So what if Georgia scores quickly? The new offense is geared towards scoring fast. Even Musa Smith, who appears to have somehow improved his speed, can break long runs. So will Georgia have to alter its offensive strategy on Saturday night?

No, that is what the mat drills are for in the off-season. This Georgia offense is designed to make defenses tired when they are on the field. And while the Georgia defense is on the field, they are supposed to be in better condition than the opposition's offense.

So no, Georgia is not scoring too fast. Hopefully, Georgia will score too often on Saturday night too.

South Carolina crosses the river and invades Georgia Saturday night. The game is on ESPN and the Georgia Bulldog Network.

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