Dean’s List: Biggest Villains

ATHENS - Dean Legge gives his thoughts on the five biggest villains to the Georgia Bulldogs.

1. Steve Spurrier

No one has done better against Georgia than Steve Spurrier. His 16-6 record against the Dawgs since 1990 is impressive, but even more so when you consider that five of those wins have come from him coaching lowly South Carolina.

No one has run the score up more; delivered more anger; and been a general thorn in the side (which is code for being an ass) than Spurrier. He’s the biggest villain the Bulldogs have (Spurrier might be on the top of the list at Florida State and Clemson, too).

2. The NCAA

To say that Georgia has a strained relationship with the NCAA is putting it nicely. First Georgia sued the mammoth organization in the early 1980s in order to broadcast more than three TV games a year. The Bulldogs won that fight thanks to a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court in 1984. Six months later Georgia was put on probation by the NCAA in two separate cases. Odd. A.J. Green’s four-game suspension in 2010 cost the Bulldogs a winning season that year. Todd Gurley’s suspension in 2014 may have cost the Bulldogs the conference title (or more). The NCAA and Georgia - not friends.

3. The Florida Gators

Even without Spurrier, Florida has given Georgia fits. How else does one explain Ron Zook’s two wins over Georgia? What about the massive outlier that was the 2014 Gator upset over the Dawgs? Georgia has upset the Gators in the same fashion (1985), but if there is a thorn in Georgia’s side it usually colored Blue and Orange. That Georgia's biggest rival is a villain is no surprise.

4. Joe Hamilton

Had it not been for two strange officiating calls, no one in Athens could tell you who Joe Hamilton is or was. Instead, Hamilton embodies the frustration of having at least one game (1999) stolen from the Bulldogs after a blown fumble call (poor Jasper Sanks); and certainly a questionable non-fumble call during the game-winning drive in 1998. No on in Athens likes Joe Hamilton. Then again, after decades of dominance over Georgia Tech, one of the Jackets had to make this list.

5. Michael Adams

For more than a decade former Georgia president Michael Adams drew the ire of Georgia supporters. He had his fingers too far in the athletic cookie jar; he fired Vince Dooley; he gave Georgia Jim Harrick, which gave the school probation and a massive black eye. Evil or not, Adams was hated by many of the fans and continues to be blamed for systemic issues in the athletic department.

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