Spurrier's Last Media Days?

So is this the last time the SEC will see Steve Spurrier at Media Days?

Probably - at least it feels that way.

No coach at South Carolina (5 of 18 total wins vs. Georgia) or Florida (11 of 41 total wins vs. Georgia) has tortured the Bulldogs more than Spurrier.

Georgia is a combined 91-44 against South Carolina and the Gators when Spurrier was not on the other sideline. On the other hand, Spurrier has owned Georgia like no other coach in its history - a stellar 16-6 career mark.

But the Old Ball Coach will be gone sooner rather than later. I mean - he can’t live forever.

(Wait, he can’t live forever… can he?)

So what will be of the Cocks when Spurrier hangs up his visor? Almost no one thinks South Carolina’s future will be better with Spurrier than without him.

After all, we are talking about a football program that’s never won a major bowl game, won one conference title and one division title in 100-plus years of football. During a four-year stretch South Carolina had more 10-win seasons in three years than it had accumulated in its entire history.

It was a stellar time in the Midlands, but if I’ve learned anything about this conference it is that the good times never last.

And things are changing in South Carolina - and I’m not talking about them getting out of the 1800s by bringing the Confederate Flag down. Spurrier has given South Carolina all that he could - 11-win seasons; wins over Florida, Georgia and most importantly Clemson - but nothing last forever.

And Spurrier’s time is coming to an end.

He will go down as the greatest coach in the history of two SEC schools - that’s amazing.

Georgia fans are just glad that he will be history… soon.

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