Dawgs-Auburn for SEC Title?

It is hard to imagine that Auburn and Georgia have never played for an SEC Championship in the last two-plus decades.

Both teams have done their fair share of failing to get to The Dome in December - Georgia in the 1990s and Auburn with its wild swings of major success followed by miserable losing stretches.

But is the year those two teams get their act together to give us the only rematch this series has ever seen?

The newspapers in Alabama are beating the drums - saying that the Tigers and Dawgs should both arrive in Atlanta in December for a rematch that will determine who will get to the College Football Playoff.

But we’ve got a long way to go before the SEC Championship. And both teams have a huge red elephant in the form of Alabama in their way. I’ll be frank - I will believe Georgia and Auburn playing in the SEC Championship Game this season when I see it.

I’m not saying that it can’t or won’t happen - I’m saying that this storyline is an easy or lazy one… like Tennessee’s Phoenix-like rising from Phillip Fulmer’s, Lane Kiffin’s or Derek Dooley’s ashes (I get confused on which of those three coaches are to blame for Tennessee’s lost decade).

Auburn-Georgia in the SEC Championship Game would be epic. Cross-division rivals have never played for the SEC title… Alabama-Tennessee is really the only other one the SEC has, and that’s never taken place.

What would that scene be like at the Dome? With “I couldn’t get into Georgia, so I went to Auburn instead” signs and “Nick Marshall Stole Everything But This T-Shirt from Me” T-Shirts on display… maybe those two fanbases would knock down the Dome by themselves that Saturday night.

These two have given us too many memorable games to list - when “Sugar Falling from the Sky” may or may not be in the top five games between the two all time you know you’ve got a real rivalry.

But I will believe it when I see it.

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