Kublanow Steps to the Center

HOOVER, Ala. - Georgia will open preseason practices early next month with Brandon Kublanow working with the starters at center, coach Mark Richt confirmed Thursday.

Isaiah Wynn will line up as the starting left guard, flip-flopping from how they lined up for most of the spring except in the final couple of practices.

“Kublanow is a guy that’s played for us a bunch,” Richt said. “You want some maturity at that position, some experience as far as playing time experience. His body type works there. Guards and centers are very similar stature, that type of thing and skill set. It makes good sense. We’re not 100 percent sure that’s how it’s going to end up, but that’s how we’ll start camp.”

Right now, Georgia looks like it will open up preseason in good shape health wise.

That includes even receiver Justin Scott-Wesley, who underwent arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus on July 2.

“Justin will be able to go,” Richt said. “From the very first day he’ll be able to practice.”

Richt said Scott-Wesley may have the volume of his practice work closely watched as he returns from the injury.

The senior had three catches for 52 yards in six games last season while battling an ankle injury and one season removed from a torn ACL.

Freshman draws comparison to Tree

Followers of recruiting won’t be surprised that two newcomers that have stood out to offensive tackle John Theus this summer are five-star defensive lineman Trenton Thompson and top 100 national recruit Roquan Smith, an inside linebacker.

Theus compared Smith to Alec Ogletree, the former Bulldogs inside linebacker who was a first round pick in 2013.

“Just the way he runs,” Theus said. “Tree was able to run sideline to sideline. I think Roquan has that same kind of ability to do that.”

Jenkins said the freshmen on campus have the right approach.

“This freshmen class is just eager to learn,” Jenkins said. “They’re not the freshmen that have the ego and are like, ‘I’m not going to ask the older guy. I’m just going to wait until camp.”

Earlier this summer Jordan Jenkins spotted someone with a buzz cut recently at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes function and the Georgia outside linebacker did a double take.

“I said, `Who’s that guy that looks like Coach (Mark) Richt,” Jenkins said. “Then he waved and I said, ‘Oh, snap. That is Coach Richt.’ It had us in shock for a couple of minutes.” Richt’s new look was on display at SEC Media Days Thursday.

“I actually like how it feels,” he said. “I may keep it down this tight.”

Before taking the podium in the big room of the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel, Richt offered an explanation..

“That was a summer cut that probably got a little bit shorter than I thought it would,” he said. “I trimmed it down about like this because I went shorter the last couple of years and then I did it about this much knowing I had a couple of weeks of vacation at the beach. Then my wife was like ‘Why don’t you just shave that thing?’ I said, `Well I don’t know. She said, ‘Well I just want to see what your hair looks like.’ So that’s what we did. It’s been close to three weeks ago. We’ll see what happens.”

This and that

It’s 15 seasons and counting at Georgia for Richt entering this year. So does he see a finish line for his coaching career? “I’m going to do it as long as the Lord says to do it,” Richt said.

Theus on 2015 offensive line signee Devondre Seymour deciding to walk away from football. “Everybody has their own things going on in their life and that’s not for me to judge,” he said. “While he was here, I enjoyed the kid and thought he had a lot of potential. I got along well with him. I had class with him. I told him when he left, if he ever needed anything to call me and I’ll do it.”

Tailback Keith Marshall is closer to his playing weight of early in his career after losing some pounds, Richt said. “ I think he's in great shape,” he said.

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