Spurrier Needs This Much Attention?

Steve Spurrier must be starving for attention - actually I am certain he is.

You know when your uncle starts talking a little too much at Christmas and Thanksgiving? You just want to watch the football game, but he won't keep quiet... something about taxes, whiskey or both.

That’s what happened on Wednesday with Steve Spurrier. And my question is as follows: is anyone at South Carolina going to have the good sense to save the legendary coach from himself?

Increasingly the answer is no.

One of the top three coaches in this conference’s history, Spurrier has done things at Florida and South Carolina that no other coach has. He drug the Gators out of loserdom for a decade. He took South Carolina - South Carolina - from the bottom of the standings and made them a threat to win the SEC East during a four-year stretch. That’s like making Kentucky a winner.

Along the way we’ve been reminded of just how great he is, which is code for be a thorn in the side of the Bulldogs. But what happened yesterday in Columbia was sad. Who is in control in over there? Is Spurrier, who showed up to a coaches show after drinking not that long ago, going to be allowed to call impromptu press conferences and call members of the media “enemies” whenever he wants? And this isn't about his attacking the media - I'm around the media... its not a very impressive bunch.

But who talks like that? Richard Nixon?

Someone save Spurrier from himself.

Is he acting this way because, for the first time in a long time, the Cocks are not picked to cause much damage in the SEC? Is this because Tennessee and Arkansas, who also had 7-6 seasons last year, are getting media love while Carolina is getting the cold shoulder? Please tell me this is not about Butch Jones – who has, amazingly, defeated Spurrier the only two times they’ve played an SEC game. Is this about Carolina being overlooked, and Spurrier being out of the limelight? Is this about him reminding us: “Hey fellas, I’m still here.” Was this about hurt feelings? The guy who throws barbs better than anyone else can give a punch, but can't take one?

On Wednesday, Spurrier sounded (and somewhat looked like) the bully that got punched in the face by the kid he's been picking on - and it wasn't a good look.

Or is this about Spurrier hating Mark Bradley and his comments? Who cares about what Mark Bradley thinks (all due respect)? What college coach really cares what any of us think?

I don’t know. I do know that Spurrier seems to really get his feathers ruffled every now and then, and it is never a good look when that happens.

Call me the enemy – fine – but someone needs to save the Old Ball Coach from himself. We are, no matter what he says, entering the end of the Steve Spurrier Era in Columbia and in coaching itself. This is not the way to go out. Someone needs to tell him that this look – feuding with Mark Bradley, Butch Jones and the rest – is fighting down… not up.

Spurrier wants everyone that will hear him talk know that he’s going to be around for a very long time at South Carolina. But yesterday made me think otherwise. Mark my words: When all of the fun stops Spurrier is going to leave. And going 7-6 isn't much fun.

He’s better than this – at least I thought he was.

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