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This is that good country ham. None of that city stuff. Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relavant rambling...

SuwaneeDawg03: The prodigal son has returned. How was the Air Force? Errr...

OK, so I wasn’t AirForceDawg. I had to make a splash for my return, and given AFD’s mysterious disappearance from the board, I figured I’d go pirate on it and take what I could while the taking was good.

And yeah, Washaun Ealey didn’t actually ask that question, either. Although, my answer still stands.

And yeah, not much else in last week’s intro was real, either. But hey, Christian Robinson tweeted some stuff about the sack (I admit, it doesn’t take an epic Mail Bag to make that happen) and it felt good to receive some of the love this experiment use to generate back in the day.

From here on out, I promise to let you guys know when I’m going rogue and not being completely, well, in reality. I bet you could already tell, though.

I want to delve into the real questions, like if Thomas Magnum could kick Jeremy Pruitt’s ass — easy answer — or what album you’d take to a deserted island if you could only take one and you had a head’s up about going to that island and got to pack that album in advance — Kanye’s Graduation. I encourage you to ask me or tell me whatever comes to mind. That way, we can pass the time at work in a somewhat fun and disrespectful fashion.

Until then, I’ll stick to the UGA-related and Dean-hatin’-oriented stuff you throw my way…

With all that said… you already know what it is… Let’s get it poppin’

Where do you anticipate the 2015 Dawgs to excel where maybe we don't necessarily expect them?

I’ll say Collin Barber and the punting situation, but I’m only going that route because, quite frankly, I don’t see how it could get any worse than last year (he averaged 39.3 yards on 34 punts). Barber’s a senior now and Adam Erickson (Clarke Central in the house!) isn’t around to make him nervous. It has to be better this season, right?

Luckily, this is the Mail Bag and not a mailbox. I think I’m safe from Barber.

Are you part of Dean's new wardrobe team for his video updates?

I try to tell the Kingpin — Look man, you gotta dress as if you’re already working at the next job you want. As for what that job is, I’ll let you guys submit funniest ideas for next week’s Mail Bag. Winner gets to buy me a beer at Taco Stand on Friday night.

AllmanDawg: Hello and thank you. My question pertains to the defensive line this year.

Georgia has several holdover veterans who are seniors: Sterling Bailey, Josh Dawson, James Deloach, Chris Mayes, are all listed on the roster as seniors.

We also have John Atkins and Joseph Ledbetter, who are listed as RSo., and Keyon Brown (RFr.), and then several true freshman:

Jonathan Ledbetter, DaQuan Hawkins, Michael Barnett and Chauncey Rivers, Justin Young and, of course, Trent Thompson.

Despite losing 4 seniors after this coming football season, we have numbers but only two will be juniors and then the rest will all be either sophomores or RFr.

My question is, does Georgia try to get some JUCOs to come in and add seasoned experience for the 2016 Defensive line?

I’m not ruling it out because Georgia’s coaches, like coaches at every level, pursue every angle for an edge. But I highly doubt it for two reasons:

A) If your in-state targets are dudes like Derrick Brown, Julian Rochester, Chauncey Manac, Antwuan Jackson, Tyler Clark, etc… Who you gonna turn down? Cause all of these players have five years to play four and I’ll roll with their development over any JUCO that’s been struggling to find a consistent three meals a day for the past two semesters. And that was just the in-state kids, not even freaks like Rashan Gary.

B) JUCOs rarely work out. Just a fact. Let’s take a look at Georgia’s success rate since 2005:

2015: Devondre Seymour — nope
2014: Shattle Fenteng — TBD
2013: Toby Johnson, Jonathan Rumph, Shaq Fluker, Chris Mayes, Kennar Daniels Johnson — nope, nope, nope, TBD, nope
2012: Mark Beard — not really
2011: John Jenkins — Yes!
2007: Scott Haverkamp — nope

Looks like we have a music group called John Jenkins and the Nopes.

(I didn’t list guys from prep school like Marcus Dowtin, Akeem Hebron and Justin Anderson or military college such as Vince Vance and Jarius Wynn. A whole lot of Nopes from there, too, although certainly more players who had success).

Also, could you give me an assessment of what this year's D-line might be like.

Let’s imagine a 28-year-old like me and a 21-year-old like my brother go to an all-you-can-eat, all-kinds-of-foods-that-shouldn’t-be-present-together buffet…

Stay with me…

For that first trip, that first plate, I’m going to say I start off strong, already having an idea of how to get around and going immediately to what I need. I could come back to the table with a rounded, solid two meats (baked chicken, roast beef), diversified side items (cabbage, mac and cheese, cornbread) and maybe even go ahead and bring a slice of cake back with me.

Stay with me…

The younger Page might dive in with a plate of nachos and cheese and then grab a slice of pizza and then get an ice cream cone and then…

Stay with me…

See, my meal has a ceiling. I know what I have and you know what you’re getting.

My brother though, midway through dinner, is going to wise up. He’s going to grab a chicken leg and some green beans. He’ll ask for a water after he’s done with his cherry, vanilla Dr. Pepper Sprite. And he’ll still be going, still be getting better long after I’ve peaked and fulfilled my meal’s potential.

If you were able to stay with me…

I could see that solid group of seniors setting a tone, so to speak, for the way things are done, but the most talented players are those freshmen and they’re only going to get stronger and smarter as fall, the meal, moves along. They’re going to grab nachos and pizza early on, but I think they’ll eventually find their way to the steak before season’s end.

That somehow made sense. To me, at least.

If I may venture yet another question: In 1980, Georgia suddenly had a d-lineman show up that I had not seen before, Crowe was his last name and he was a contributor. Do the Bulldogs have any surprise players that may have transferred in that we have not heard about that may be like another Crowe?

DickVanDawg enters to say: Tim Crowe was tough as nails.

Butt out, Dick! Kidding.

Anyway, I don’t see an out-of-nowhere guy like what you’ve described, but I think a Chuks Amaechi might have some moments on special teams. He’s listed among a loaded outside linebacker unit, so not sure how much run he’ll get elsewhere. Wait, isn’t he a JUCO transfer?

Everything I say is nothing.

Thank you!

Please come back next week.

Shawnyoungblood: I'd like a little more info on the cost of living stipend that schools are going to pay. Were there any changes during the SEC meetings? Are they equivalent? If not, will Georgia raise there's to meet or exceed others?

AllmanDawg returns to say: Hi Youngblood I saw two things just recently that may partly answer your question.

One is where Bama had recently upgraded their stipend estimation...and the difference was significant! Not near as high as Tennessee, but much more like it.

Two was coach Richt saying that the current estimation was not set in that may mean that UGA also will have a reconfigured estimate in place soon.

There were not any changes, per se, at SEC meetings, but look for adjustments among schools in the SEC and elsewhere on a routine basis. It’s not something you’ll hear about until reps from other schools start complaining. Alabama’s went up 34 percent (from two years ago) for out-of-state students (where the bulk of the football recruits come from) and I’d expect every school to figure out a way to add miscellaneous expenses to jack their figure higher.

First, yes, this new rule is ridiculous to figure out. Every school has a different in-state number and a different out-of-state number and there’s not much transparency involved to help understand why one school, like Tennessee, has a higher number than, say Georgia.

Georgia, like every school, will surely try to push its number higher. Which is, again, riduclous, because non-student athletes, the bulk of the student body (duh!) seek lower cost of attendance rates. For 99 percent of perspective students, the admin wants that number to be as low as possible.

I want to say, if a recruit chooses a school because there’s about $800 more in cash per year, I wouldn’t want to be in a huddle with that dude anyway. I’m not naive enough to say there won’t be recruits that base their decision on COA cash money and I agree that players should be given as much as possible, but really?! Really?!

I know there are kids that need money or want to help their family (damn, I hate to preface everything), but do you think Justin Houston should have based his college decision on COA now after signing for $53 million guaranteed.

I get it, not everybody is going to make it to the league or sign a contract like that. But damn,$800 is going to sway one of the biggest decisions of your life?

What else would you do for $800? Would you kill Dean Legge?

Does anybody have $800 I can borrow?

DickVanDawg: How much and where does Trammel Terry play.

No kidding, this is the text exchange I had with Dean about this:

Me: Do you know where Tramel Terry will play this season? Safety? I’m hearing corner.
Dean: Defensive back.
Me: That’s a broad term.
Dean: It is correct.
Me: Well, shit.

Elovely1: When is chat coming back online?

It never went away.

Does Caitlyn ever ask about me?

All the time, in the chat room.

… Seriously, chat is dead. It ain’t coming back. And who is Caitlyn?

CitadelDawg84: I have not seen much discussion or concern about the overall purpose and desired benefits from hiring four (or five) "position analyst" over the off season. Common sense would tell me that to spend that much money on that many positions the desired outcome in helping the coaches plan, practice and implement their game plans must be large. Any information and more details on these positions.

One of the reasons that I ask is that CMR and his staff gets more than their fair share of criticisms from fans and opponent's fans alike ... and other than winning is this one of the things that will silence some of those that have been "overly" critical if the desired effect is reached.

Here’s the way to think about those positions… Let’s say there’s about 50 things a “support staff person” could do at any given time. Examples being, going to wake Isaiah and Cootie up every morning, driving Brice Ramsey’s mom on a golf cart during a recruiting visit, breaking down film of Josh Dobbs, and on and on and on and on and on and… And while I’m listing these out, who is in charge of buying shirts for Dawg Night? For once, don’t include the year on the shirt, buy 500 more than you think you need and if there are extras, roll them over to next year.

How can you not have enough shirts for Dawg Night when there is no downside if you have too many?! Damn, get it together.

Anyway, the more support staff you have, the more honed in each person’s tasks become. It’s goes from a broad job description with a long list of tasks to a precise handful of jobs and a role one should master.

That’s the grand plan, from where I sit at least.

aspendawg: Welcome back Fletch... So, you were really AFD? Loved all the info you were feeding us.

I wish I was AFD… I haven’t seen him or her around for some time, so I hope everything is OK.

My questions are related to the summer sessions and the new rules allowing more time for coaches to spend with the players: Do you know or have you heard if this has allowed more "structured" practice tendencies regarding how our guys set up their summer workouts? Are they doing more 7 on 7 type stuff or scrimmage like practices to fine tune things and get all the newbies adjusted? Are they spending more time with film study with or without coaches?

The new rules do allow for more facetime and feedback, which is always beneficial, especially for younger players who need that type of interaction, for both physical gains and mental reassurance.

Here is the rule, straight from the book, FYI:

“Allow football student-athletes to participate in preparations for the season during an eight-week period each summer. Those weeks can include eight hours per week of required weight training and conditioning. Up to two of the eight hours can consist of film review. Student-athletes who participate in the summer activities must be enrolled in summer school or meet specific academic benchmarks.”

As you can see, you’re supposed to balance the time. Up to two of the hours can consist of film review.

When I was a kid though, sometimes I’d color outside the lines. And sometimes I’d lose track of time. And sometimes I broke the rules on purpose because I wanted to get what I wanted to get.

Then again, I didn’t have an iPad I could take with me everywhere I went and watch film.

Any stories to share regarding workouts and the success of our new S & C? It's obvious that the changes have helped the likes of Theus and Jenkins after hearing them speak of it during the SEC days, but do you have any updates on other guys?

Of course you’re going to hear that. It’s funny to me how every offseason the strength and conditioning has become, “Oh so much harder and better and more awesome and we’re all brothers and we all love each other and we’re going to win the SEC.”

I’m sure it is harder because it is different. DeVondre Seymour, from what I’m told, left because workouts were so hard. But, that tight end from last season’s class (don’t remember his name, don’t have time to google) left, too.

I’ll say the S&C continues to get better and better. But I’m not basing that on player quotes.

If you did everything to your car that would supposedly give it better gas mileage, your car would essentially have to make its own gas to keep up with what is advertised.

How are all the freshmen and red shirt freshmen coming along? Anybody starting to make a name for themselves and or showing out so far?

Last summer we all heard that Dominick Sanders was the guy to watch, a steal, a star in the making.

That was spot on.

So far we haven’t heard things like that about an individual, but I think it may be due to Terry Godwin, Roquan Smith and Trent Thompson coming in together and living up to the hype.

I’ll keep you posted on a guy that’s exceeding expectations as fall camp plays out.

Have any of the (non-starters) stepped up or had their light come on so to speak that could possibly contribute this year that nobody was expecting?

Not sure yet, but I think the names to watch closely are Justin Scott-Wesley, Reggie Carter and Tim Kimbrough. And a safety. Any safety.

Not saying those guys are the real deal or have turned some sort of corner, but Georgia needs them to get it going this season.

Has there been any talk of making more changes to the special teams to improve on from last year? Last year was a big improvement, but still had some glaring issues that needing to be fixed.

I think the organization and planning is in place. That is evident and last season’s progress was a good start. The vision comes first, or the recognition that a more efficient process is needed. Then you organize, implement and stick to the plan. Then it comes down to, you guessed it, personnel and execution. After that comes the key objective — consistency with excellence mixed in.

Isaiah McKenzie made punt and kick returns look awesome. Barber punting and Quayvon Kicks doing anything, well… execution. The plan is there. Now execution must take hold. That’s what will help take care of the glaring issues you speak of.

Mr BigDAWG: Why the lack of respect from Dean? Do you think it is jealousy or a superiority complex?

Truthfully, me and the Kingpin are in a good place. He keeps knocking Kanye and making fun of my northeast Georgia mountains, but I’ve learned that as long as I know Dean’s an idiot, it doesn’t matter if he’s accepted that yet or not.

I pray that Dean reaches self-actualization. That’s why he tries to take me down — I’ve reached that level, he knows it and he's scared.

Glad to have you back brother.

Always… And with that, I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here before this gets any worse…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over…We outta' here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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