Raises Show Georgia is Serious

ATHENS - Georgia is emptying out the bank account.

ATHENS - Georgia is emptying out the bank account.

That’s what’s going on. Georgia has decided that football is something to be worthy of dumping money into…

Look out rest of the SEC and college football. Seriously, as they said back in the days of Watergate - follow the money.

Word came today in the form of breaking news from Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald that two more Georgia coaches got pay bumps recently. This time all-world tweeter John Lilly and linebacker coach Kevin Sherrer have been moved up to $350,000 a year in salary.

Georgia’s assistant coaching staff, according to more reporting from the Athens Banner-Herald, is now getting paid a collective $4.8 million a year. That’s more than everyone other than LSU and Alabama. That’s a 45% increase in assistant coaching salaries from one year to the next.

That’s serious business - the business of college football.

I’m an old timer - even at 38 years old - I remember when Georgia had a sock audit. What’s a sock audit? It is so ridiculous that it seems like a joke. There was a time in the Damon Evans-Michael Adams era of leadership when the amount of socks given out to Bulldogs was audited.


That’s a long-gone memory of a time when disfunction ruled the roost in Athens. Money > Sports.

Things are not perfect now, but when you are driving up to the game from Hahira, Hephzibah or Hapeville you can know that you are not wasting your money for the trip. Georgia is fully invested in its coaches, which means it is fully invested in its future.

Good for Lilly and Sherrer - both have been excellent recruiters in their time in Athens. Lilly, in particular, is one of the best examples of what a grown man should be like. He’s a quality example for the young men who play for him.

Money talks. Sock audits walk.

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