Dawgs Injury Free... For Now

ATHENS - Georgia took the practice field without any notable players in a non-contact jerseys because of injuries.

Georgia took the practice field notably without any players in a non-contact jerseys because of injuries.

Wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley, coming off arthroscopic knee surgery earlier this summer, didn’t look like he was slowed down at all by the injury. He took a pass and ran by a defensive back in one drill and voiced satisfaction at that.

Richt was happy with the condition of the team healthwise entering the day.

“You’ve got to be strong, you’ve got to be healthy,” Richt said. “We’ve been very fortunate with our health …We just have to watch the volume of their reps just to make sure we don’t go too hard, too fast. Everybody has the green light to practice.”

  Reggie Wilkerson ended the spring running No. 1 at the star position in the Georgia secondary. Defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt said that he could turn to virtually anyone of his frontline players for that role as well as linebacker Leonard Floyd.

“The good thing is we teach them by concepts,” Pruitt said. “Pretty much anybody that plays in our secondary could play the star position. We’ve got corners who can play the star. We’ve got safeties who could play the star. Actually in the spring with the way we practice on both fields, sometimes you might get a little short on numbers in the secondary when we went with the threes, I made Malkom Parrish play the star, Aaron Davis play the star, Quincy Mauger played it and Dom Sanders. Right there, that’s four guys that we could put them out to play the star in any point in time and they know what to do.”

      This and that

Former Georgia and NFL running back Tim Worley was to speak to the team on Tuesday night. He also gave a talk last year. His topic this time was on character and accountability from a leadership point of view. Georgia’s seemingly incident- free offseason in terms of players getting in trouble was a topic that came up in Richt’s news conference twice. “I’m thankful that our guys did a good job in that regard,” Richt said. “When you talk about a lot of things needing to go right in the offseason, that’s one of them besides staying healthy. If you have a bunch of guys that didn’t do what they’re supposed to do socially and off the field, it creates distractions.”

Richt’s impression of the first practice came via a news release: ”It was a typical day one as far as a lot of reps. There was a lot of good and bad. You could see the veterans were ready to handle these types of practices with the knowledge and the strain of it. The young guys are learning.”

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