Legge: Brice Ramsey Doesn't Have to be Perfect

ATHENS - Dean Legge's talks about why Brice Ramsey doesn't have to be perfect to get the Dawgs where they want to go.

I’ve seen this before - many times. In fact, it is very common in athletics.

Brice Ramsey, who ran with the No. 1 unit during the open media period on Wednesday, gets frustrated when he doesn’t make the kind of throw that he wants. Brice Ramsey’s problem is that he’s a throwing perfectionist.

I’ve written about this before about the Kingsland native - he’s got to understand that perfection in sports is a pipe dream.

Michael Jordan missed a lot of jumpers and a few free throws - he’s still the greatest basketball player of all time. That’s the part that Brice, who is still young, is going to have to get used to. And that’s a difficult thing to do.

It is difficult thing to understand as a person, and certainly difficult to understand when you have never started a game in your college career - but things are going to go the wrong way for sure for Ramsey and Georgia. There will be times in games where Georgia gets down and needs him to lead them down the field for a win.

I never had faith that Hutson Mason could do that, and although he worked some late-game magic against Georgia Tech in the fourth quarter last fall, ultimately he never did. Ramsey can do that - he can lead Georgia down the field for the win.

But he has to understand that it will not be while he is playing at a perfect state. Having been around the tall blonde quarterback since he was a sophomore in high school, I know that Ramsey has the ability to let things go quickly.

But, again, he’s got to understand that perfection (in a woman; in sports; in life) is a pure fantasy. You can chance it; you can try hard as hell. But reality dictates that perfection doesn’t exist. (I will pause here to point out that undefeated does not mean perfect)

Ramsey will understand that in due time, but while he’s running with the No. 1 during this fall camp he knows the No. 1 thing he should be working on - not trying to be perfect and just be what he is. That’s pretty good, too.

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