No Hints on QBs from Richt

ATHENS - It was Brice Ramsey’s turn to get the first team repetitions Saturday as Georgia’s quarterbacks continue to rotate.

If there’s been any movement in the race for the starting job, Richt isn’t offering any signs.

“I know I’m not going to give anybody any kind of hint,” Richt said when asked which candidate has been the most consistent, accurate or has displayed the most leadership. “The reality is they are getting reps with the ones, they are getting reps with the twos, they are getting reps with the three unit. We’ve been rolling them through like we said we would. …It’s really a different evaluation when they’re with certain groups.”

The starting group offers the best protection and more players knowing what to do, Richt said. Missed assignments are more apt to happen with the No. 3 unit.

“Not trying to make any judgments on anybody yet,” he said. “We’re just gathering information. We still have a good bit of time before we have to figure something out.”

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