5-Star Mecole Hardman to Release Top 10 Monday

ELBERTON - Scout caught up with five-star athlete Mecole Hardman, who says he will release his top ten on Monday.

Q: What pos do you prefer to play? Offense or Defense?

A: Right now, I don't know really. I like the ball in my hands some. But I also like to play defense, but I haven't really decided on a position, but I guess I'll decide before I get to college where I really want to play.

Q: Speaking of the next level, what position do you 1) expect to play and 2) want to play?

A: I lot of teams got me as an athlete. So they are really seeing just how I do when I get there where they need me. They expect me to play corner just bc of my size and speed, but i don’t know what position I want to play it does not matter to me, I can play receiver or corner, it really doesn’t matter. I can go both ways.

Q: Do you have any brothers of sisters that help motivate you?

A: Yeah, my brother he played for Georgia Southern, he was a corner. Right now, he is recovering, he had an injury. He is going to the league, hopefully trying out for a team. I see him doing it, and I see him going to the league and doing what he did in college, I hope I do the same thing, but just at a higher level.

Q: Where do you get your motivation from? What kinds of pressures or motivations do they give you, what is the priority for you?

A: My momma, growing up, not have a lot of stuff, still just going day by day. Just seeing her, the things she goes through, just motivates you to just getting her out, making her live a life that she does not have to worry anymore. And my Daddy too. Watching him do the same thing, because my Momma and Daddy stayed together, so he goes through the same struggles as well. Just getting your parents out, making them have a good life and not making them worry about anything.

Q: If you were not playing football, what sport would you be playing?

A: Football is my true passion since I was little. If I didn’t have football, I would probably run track. I love track, it is my second passion that I love a lot. I do that in high school as well.

Q: You are a speedster too, didn’t you run a 4.3 something?

A: Yeah, a 4.32, I did that, I have a little speed on me.

Q: What do you like doing off the field?

A: It is sports basically. But I do a lot stuff, I do the stuff normal people do, watch TV, chill with friends. I might train a couple of days and come out to the field, but other than that, I am just chillin’. Q: Can we talk about how many schools are looking at you?

A: I am listing my top 10 on Monday. I am narrowing down the top 10 schools. I don t know what school I really want to go to right now, but a lot of schools are looking at me. I am narrowing my list down on Monday and we will go from there.

Q: So you are going to make an official announcement on Monday (about the top 10). So can you give me three that may be looking at you? Or 3 that you are interested in?

A: Alabama, Auburn, Miami

Q: What interests you about each of those 3 schools?

A: I have been on campus of all of them. The coaches, they have nice facilities all schools attract you with their facilities. But they have a nice and you can do a lot with it. It just is how you feel at that school when you get there, the feeling that you get, so there is really nothing to it.

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