Nick Chubb: Team > Me

ATHENS - There is an old saying in sports: There is no I in Team.

(That there is a “me” is usually passed over.)

Georgia, for years, had shirts made that had the word “TEAM” in huge block print, and the word “ME” underneath it in much smaller print.

Surrendering yourself to the team concept - being a part of a group of 84 other scholarship players - takes a little getting used to. That’s particularly the case when you are the one in the spotlight in ways the other 84 guys are.

For instance, no one knows who Nathan Theus is (sorry Mr. and Mrs. Theus), but everyone knows Nick Chubb. He’s the team’s leading headliner. The running back that much of the Bulldog Nation has its dreams tied to this fall.

We hear things like: “It doesn’t matter who the starting quarterback will be - they’ll just hand it off to Nick Chubb anyway.”


“I’ve got Nick Chubb at the top of my Heisman ballot - he’s the best player in America.”

That’s why I listened real close when Chubb spoke with the TV media earlier this week in Athens. He used the terms “We”, “Us”, “Team” or “Georgia” 27 times in five minutes. He used the terms “Me”, “My” or “I” 14 times.

In other words Nick Chubb believes in Team > Me.

When someone asks you specifically what your goals are for a season it is nearly impossible not to say the words “I”, “Me” or “My” in a sentence. You can do it, but it just sounds strange. Chubb deflected to his teammates early and often. He tried is best (and he’s never really been super comfortable with media) to play along with those of us who do this for a living, but talking really isn’t something he’s ever been super comfortable with.

He was quiet when I met him before he committed to Georgia in the summer before his senior season of high school football - he’s really no different now. So it must take some getting used to for Chubb to be in the spotlight, which he readily admits is the case. In high school he could blend in around Ceadartown, which has about 5% of the population of the Athens area.

He can’t do that now. Everyone knows him.

The best thing to do in order to blend in these days? Pick Team over Me - it never fails.

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