Confidential - For Mark Richt's eyes only

Because, in the past, there has been failure by former coaching staffs in preparing game plans and knowing how the opposition is most likely to attack, we have prepared a no nonsense way for you and your staff to know the best things to prepare for from the opposition. We have also prepared some plans that have worked well in the past few seasons, and some that have not. You will be given this information each week before you games.

The first advantage to this season's USC game is that it is in Athens. Georgia has not dropped a game to Carolina at home since the 1993 season. In fact, none of the home Carolina games have been competitive in the last few seasons. Although Carolina will probably come into the game ranked higher than Georgia for the first time in almost a decade, it is important to focus on what you can do to ensure a Georgia victory.

Turnovers have lead to Georgia's two losses of late to South Carolina. Quincy Carter's dismal performance in 2000 and Georgia's four turnovers in 1996 led to Cock victories. Carolina scored all 21 points in 2000 after Georgia turnovers. In 1996 Carolina profited from 10 points off of Georgia's 4 turnovers.

On the other hand, in the Georgia's victories have been, for the most, part going away. Carolina was not able to run the ball at all against Georgia in two of the three wins (1999's 46 rushing yards allowed; 1997's 56 rushing yards allowed). Also Georgia has allowed only 9 points per game in each win.

Run the ball effectively, like the Dawgs did from 96-99, hold the Cock's running down and a win is on the way. Turn the ball over like in 96 and 2000, and you will lose an embarrassing loss that could put you on the hot seat your second season at Georgia.

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