Mark Richt: We Don't Need Media's Help w/ QBs

ATHENS - Georgia completed its first scrimmage of the season, but made very little news in the process.

That’s according to Mark Richt, at least.

Richt “for the first time probably ever” didn’t supply his “official unofficial” statistics. He said he wasn’t ready to cut the quarterback competition from three quarterbacks - Brice Ramsey, Greyson Lambert and Faton Bauta - to two singal callers quite yet.

Overall, he said, the quaqrertabcks threw the deep ball well.

“I think all of them had bright moments,” Richt said. “We threw the deep ball better than we have all camp. I think they all had at least one (deep ball). The short to intermediate (passing game) was inconstant. Some of the calls (at the line of scrimmage) were not great. I know I am not helping y’all by saying this guy did this and this did this.”

Then Richt said he didn’t need any advice from media on football decisions.

“We don’t need anyone in the media telling us who should the starter or anything,” he said.

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