Davis Can't Wait to take on Dominick Sanders

ATLANTA - UGA WR commit Randrecous Davis talks about his future, and why he wants his next tattoo to have wings.

Wes Muilenburg: At what age did u start playing football?

Randrecous Davis: I started playing football at the age of 5.

?Wes Muilenburg: What makes u a great receiver?

?Randrecous Davis: My abilities that I can do that everyone else is not blessed to have.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your average daily routine?

Randrecous Davis: Waking up, working out and getting better every day.

Wes Muilenburg: What do you do outside of football?

Randrecous Davis: Outside of football, I like to eat.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite subject in school?

Randrecous Davis: Math is my favorite subject.

Wes Muilenburg: I know this is a little early, but have you thought about a major yet?

Randrecous Davis: Well, I would like to study Marine Biology.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite movie?

Randrecous Davis: Little Giants.

Wes Muilenburg: Who is your favorite artist?

Randrecous Davis: I like Bruno Mars, Little Wayne and Young Thug.

Wes Muilenburg: What advice would you give other players about committing to a football program?

?Randrecous Davis: Make sure you have a great relationship with the coaches and make sure it’s the school for you.

Wes Muilenburg: Which Georgia defensive back do you want to face most when you get on campus next year?

Randrecous Davis: Dominick Sanders

Wes Muilenburg: Are you doing anything different now to prepare for the next level?

?Randrecous Davis: Yeah, I’m working way harder than I did when I was in 9th, 10th and 11th grade.

Wes Muilenburg: Last question, if you get another tat, what will it be and where?

Randrecous Davis: I’m thinking about getting some wings on my chest to fill in the rest of the part I don’t have.

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