Jaleel Laguins to UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge talks about what Jaleel Laguins' commitment means to UGA.

Oconee County LB Jaleel Laguins picked UGA on Wednesday morning in a ceremony at his high school in Watkinsville. Any commitment is a big deal, but its starting to look like Laguins’ commitment might be significant socially for the Bulldogs as it is be on the field.

That’s saying something, too, considering that Laguins is a four-star linebacker and considered the No. 132 overall player in the country. Recruiting is relationships - that’s increasingly becoming the case, too. So when two of the best players in the country, Archer OL E.J. Price and Archer ATH Jamyest Williams showed up in support of Laguins in a pre-season scrimmage a few weeks ago that’s all you need to know about how tight that trio is right now.

Georgia wants to sign all three of those players, and getting Laguins committed is step one to that process. Again, Laguins has power and could grow into a monster linebacker at the next level. He’s raw - quite frankly - we are going to have to see if he’s an inside guy or an outside guy in the future. My guess is that he’s an inside linebacker in Georgia’s current 3-4 defensive system.

Still, it is hard to ignore that Laguins’ commitment could turn into two more. If everything goes according to plan that is. We are talking about recruiting. Does anything in recruiting every go according to plan? It doesn’t seem like it any more, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that Georgia just got a commitment from one of the top players in the South.

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