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Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relevant rambling...

Alright, alright, alright… So I took a little break and next thing you know, it’s been two weeks and the letters, emails, tweets and questions for the Sack have piled up on me.

I’ll get to everything here today. Hope you don’t hold it against me — I was doing stuff. The Billy Bennett story was a huge success. I owe Billy a lot for letting me in like that. I learned a lot about myself through Billy’s narrative. I hope you did, too.

I think it would be cool for as many of us to meet up when Billy plays music Oct. 3 in Athens. The show is listed under a different name (Billy does that, because well, Billy does that), but I’ll be there and Billy will be there and you should be there. Caledonia Lounge. Mark (Richt) it down and show your face. We can talk about stuff and be friends.

I’ll warn you though, it’s after the Alabama game. Could be a different way to celebrate. Or a different way to get your mind off the Crimson Tide winnin’.

What else happened? J.J. Frazier got arrested for driving around without a valid license. Again. I would comment on this, but his arrest made me realize — my driver’s license was six days expired, too. I was turned down after ordering a Ranger IPA at Amici (I was eating with Dean and my little bro, and, given the company, I really could’ve used that beer) and almost as bad, I could’ve been arrested after rolling through a stop sign, as I tend to do.

I can’t go back. Don’t let them take me back!

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin’…

SuwaneeDawg03 What are the most important things we need to follow during fall practice?

Quarterback - because quarterback.
When Ramsey pool day is - already happened.
Who emerges on the interior of the defensive line - Trent Thompson would be fly. Need Josh Dawson and/or Sterling Bailey to be steady/good enough.
Wide receiver health? Isaiah McKenzie is back, JSW still questionable. Although I read somewhere he was supposed to return soon, Mark Richt said Thursday it would 'a while.' Can't remember where I read that. Godwin, Chigbu, the time is now.
If Dean Legge says something good about Brice, drink. If Dean Legge says something bad about any other quarterback, drink. You’re dead, aren’t you?
Indoor athletic facility.
Leadership? Who’s stepping up in that department, we hear it’s better than last year’s.
Strength and conditioning — we hear it’s better than last year’s.
Team chemistry — we hear it’s better than… at least 2011 (nobody from South Georgia is stealing everybody’s stuff).
Who’s winning the race to the water during breaks?
I hear Jaleel Laguins is going to Auburn. Ha. Whoops.
Linebackers turned fullbacks — what’s the real story here?
I’m just typing random shit now. 

How do you anticipate the starting secondary to unfold by September 5?

Dominick Sanders
Malkom Parrish
Quincy Mauger
Rico McGraw

Aaron Davis
Jarvis Wilson
The Briscoe Kid — was gonna get Gene Wilder to play this character, but there’s a few details that don’t match up.

I think all of those guys will get good run. Davis is the better chance to start right now, given his experience, but Rico (Junior Soprano’s least favorite Bulldogs player) is too good to hold off for long.

GoodDawg4733 Why is Caitlyn prettier than you??

etiene18 Are you saying he is pretty, but she is prettier?

I don’t know who Caitlyn is, but I don’t really have to. Been best in show since ’87. It ain’t changing, no matter who I’m up against.

fireant007 Question about Sam Madden

The tallest and heaviest player on the roster,  Sam Madden OL, de-committed from Wisc and later committed to UGA.  Thomas Brown was his recruiting coach at Wisconsin prior to his new position at Georgia.   Wisconsin recent history running the ball has been very good and Coach Brown knows he needs linemen for his RB's.  I know it takes a few years for OL to develop but curious what are your thoughts.

Sam is really big. He is listed at 350 pounds. I would say that’s too much, but I value my life and Athens is a big town — but it isn’t big enough for me to keep running my mouth on this subject.

All I’m gonna say is… Sam currently weighs about the same as 116 small bags of brown rice. And that and grilled chicken is what he needs to eat for a while.

tdperk says: I read an article that said Georgia and some other schools would be wearing Nike alternative uniforms that we're gonna be black. Can you confirm this. Also, it's good to have you and your mail sack back.

Well, thanks. Sadly, you read that story on a site that use to have credibility but started taking other reports and making reports and then going back and disputing their own reports.

Georgia could wear black uniforms, just not the ones listed in that bs report of a report that was later reported to be a bs report.

dellis7 asks: Is UGA recruiting the LB Ferns from Ohio?

If you’re talking about Brendan Ferns, it isn’t gonna happen. If he gets out of the Big Ten (which he won’t), he isn’t gonna get past West Virginia.

Say, “we didn’t get past West Virginia” sounds like the setup for a horror movie. Or an MTV reality show. Where somebody dies and it has to be cancelled. Either one or all three of those things happened.

gadawgluver What do you think of our group of coaches now since we have several new ones?

I think Thomas Brown is the man. And I’m not just saying that because he went to Tucker. Everybody I respect, mainly Thomas Brown, Chris Starrs and Dominick Sanders, went to Tucker. That Dean went there doesn’t make me think less of the place.

Anyway, the offensive staff is about as good as it will ever be. Brown, McClendon, Lilly — what a trio of recruiting awesomeness. And personally, they’re good people. I’m still holding judgment with Schotty and Sale. I haven’t been around them enough to know much, but I do like the overall personality and diversity this staff has.

Rocker is a boss. Ekeler needs to give me a bump…. of sugar free Red Bull. Sherrer needs to give me a dip… of, OK, I dunno, just nothing fine cut. Jeremy Pruitt rebuilt the Georgia Theatre with his own bare hands. That actually happened.

Predictions for the coming season?

Brice Ramsey will start at QB. Nick Chubb will have more than 1,600 yards rushing. Terry Godwin will have more than 25 catches. Lorenzo Carter will lead the team in sacks. I will eat all the halftime hot dogs at Sanford. And Wes Muilenburg will lose every game of darts in Knoxville.

What do you think of our recruiting class so far?

Splendid! And it will only get better.

Georgia has 16 commits thus far, good enough for the No. 8 spot in the (highly coveted) Scout team rankings. There’s 11 spots left (just for the sake of keeping it easy. I’m sure one or two could open up).

Mecole Hardman.
Derrick Brown.
Kyle Davis
Dylan Singleton or Shyheim Carter.
Shyheim Carter or Dylan Singleton.
A running back
E.J. Price
The McEachern tackle
Demetris Robertson
Isaac Nauta
Another defensive lineman? Offensive lineman? Both?

I’m running out of spots.

Is mayo still your favorite food?

I discovered mayo on a sandwich I was eating at Viva on Prince Avenue back in April. Remember it like yesterday, damn it. I quickly realized my mistake, but I gritted through it. It didn’t kill me, but it didn’t make me stronger either.

Is Dean still hitting the diet cokes hard?

(Scanning lyrics from Tupac’s “Changes” … Can’t find a place to work in Dean and Diet Cokes)

Let’s just say, still I see no changes.

PIGGSKIN I would love to hear about the progress over the summer of Keith Marshall and A.J. Turman.

So far, Keith looks a lot better than he did in spring. He still has his moments where walking looks painful, but at this point, I think he just walks like that all the time. I think a year where he gains 500 yards and is still around come December would be exactly what he and Georgia needs.

I don’t know what UGA has in Turman as a football player. He is healthy and we’re going to see what he can do on the field the first two weekends of September. But as a person, props to him for working hard through those injuries and sticking around even though all these incredible running backs keep signing up.

Imagine being, I dunno, Sammy Hagar, and rocking it with Van Halen in ’86 and then… OK, I don’t know where this is going. If you want the truth though, Van Hagar’s power/love/whatever those coked out dudes where singing about ballads, especially on that first 5150 album (Why Can’t This Be Love, Dreams, Love Walks In) might be better than David Lee Roth Halen. There. I said it. It needed to be said. I know, I know, it’s blasphemy. Look, I know. Just listen to the music and don’t think about the names or implications. OK, bye.

Sidebar, you ever go on Spotify and accidentally click on the instrumental only version of an album and wait for the lyrics and then feel like an idiot when you realize it ain’t happening? I just did that with Dr. Dre’s 2001 while trying to come up with something for something. It’s the same feeling as walking up stairs in the dark and getting to the top and stepping for one more imaginary stair. That Dre album came out in 1999, not 2001. You know what did come out in 2001 though? Dawg Post.

OK, I’m done.

Also, will Shattle Fenteng be a factor in the secondary this year?

I wish I could sing. And even though I can’t, I still could get up on stage at Hi-Lo in Normaltown on Wednesday and sing Garth Brooks “Friends in Low Places” (a song clearly about Christian Robinson — kidding, Go Rebel Black Bears).

But you wouldn’t want that. Not at all.

You following what I’m saying?


You got it… I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here before this gets any worse…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over…We outta' here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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