Demetris Robertson Talks Favorites/Recruiting

SAVANNAH - Savannah Christian Prep ATH Demetris Robertson talks with Scout.

Wes Muilenburg: You made two interceptions and one touchdown and lost by 1 point. What can you take away from this game?

Demetris Robertson: I’m learning and trying to get my rhythm back with the offense. My teammates did a great job tonight, but we still have to go hard at practice next week.

?Wes Muilenburg: How can you improve your performance after this game, if anything??

Demetris Robertson: Just being mentally focused in the 4th quarter. You got to make those plays, those big plays. I made a lot of them tonight, but I have to be that total package. I know I am that dude, that guy, and I going to start the next game.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your average daily routine?

Demetris Robertson: I go to school, do homework, watch TV and game film, workout and hang with my friends.

Wes Muilenburg: At what age did you start playing football?

Demetris Robertson: 9 years old.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite subject in school?

Demetris Robertson: My favorite subject is Math.

Wes Muilenburg: I know this is a little early, but have you thought about a major yet?

Demetris Robertson: Probably international business or engineering.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite movie?

Demetris Robertson: “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

Wes Muilenburg: Who is your favorite artist?

Demetris Robertson: I like Drake and TI.

Wes Muilenburg: What advice would you give other players about committing to a football program too soon?

?Demetris Robertson: Just take your time with it (decision). Don’t let the excitement take over. I think I did that a little bit. Also, I didn’t really look into what I need to see about the college. Alabama is a great college. I just wanted to open up my recruitment so I can see everything about every college.

Wes Muilenburg: What can you share about your process of de-commitment from Alabama??

Demetris Robertson: It was a good process. My mom really made me do it. She wanted me to open things up so I can see everything about the college and stuff like that.

Wes Muilenburg: What top 3 schools are you considering?

Demetris Robertson: Alabama, Stanford and Georgia.

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