Jamaree Salyer Updates Recruiting

ATLANTA - Pace OL Jamaree Salyer talks about where he is at in the recruiting process.

Running game looked great today. Is that one of the strengths of this team?

“As a unit we can run the ball, and we’re real aggressive up front. Most teams are going to have to match that going forward. Tonight wasn’t the best we’ve played so far, but Lovett coming up is going to be a big game. We’re looking to match their intensity and give them a run.”

What are some of the bigger offers that you have right now?

“These aren’t my top three but schools I like include Florida State, Clemson, and Tennessee.

“Florida State stood out to me because I enjoyed Coach Trickett in camp. He’s really intense and I like that out of a coach. I learned a lot from him and that’s the key. I learned a lot from Coach Trickett. I use it now when I play.”

“With Clemson, I really had fun at Clemson. They are family oriented and I like how they do things up there. It was nice at camp; I like how they run their practice and everything. It was really nice. Coach Elliot is a really cool person.”

“At Tennessee I really like coach Mahoney. He’s a good guy. He’s real personal and will tell it how it is. I like that from a coach. They look like they are rebuilding, so I like that out of a program as well.

Where did you go this summer? Go to any camps? Take any visits?

“I went to Clemson camp, Florida State camp, went to Alabama’s camp, It was a pretty busy summer. We didn’t make it over to Athens this summer.”

What games are you most excited to see this fall?

“Clemson and Florida State game definitely, that’s going to be a big game. Alabama and Georgia is close to home so I really want to make it out there.”

Is there a team you and your family watched growing up?

“Well Georgia is the home state school, so we always watched the Georgia games when I was growing up.”

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