Ben Cleveland in a Big Country

TOCCOA - Stephens County OL and UGA commit Ben Cleveland updates about his recruiting.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you have a nickname?

Ben Cleveland: Yes.

Wes Muilenburg: What is it and how did you get it?

Ben Cleveland: Most people call me “Big Country”. It stuck with me since about 9th grade. I think there were about 4 other guys named Ben on the team. The offensive line coach just started calling me “Big Country” and it stuck with me.

Wes Muilenburg: How long have you been playing football?

Ben Cleveland: I think the first year I started playing football I was 11 in rec ball.

Wes Muilenburg: How old are you now?

Ben Cleveland: 16.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you play any other sports?

Ben Cleveland: I play baseball but since I am early enrolled at Georgia I am not going to have time for baseball this year.

Wes Muilenburg: Have you played on both sides of the ball?

Ben Cleveland: I played strictly defense last year actually, but realized they needed me a little more on offense this year than last year.

Wes Muilenburg: Which position do you prefer?

Ben Cleveland: Definitely offense.

Wes Muilenburg: When you get to Georgia, do you have a preference, or will you just play where they tell you to go?

Ben Cleveland: I would go where they tell me to, but I think the way the situation is going to work out the two offensive tackles are going to move out so there will be two open tackle spots.

Wes Muilenburg: You have been doing your homework (on the position).

Ben Cleveland: A little bit.

Wes Muilenburg: What do you do outside of football?

Ben Cleveland: Hunting and fishing.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite subject?

Ben Cleveland: In school or what?

Wes Muilenburg: In school.

Ben Cleveland: I don’t have one.

Wes Muilenburg: Have you thought about a major yet?

Ben Cleveland: Sports management or criminal justice.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite movie?

Ben Cleveland: That’s a tough one. There is a lot of them. Probably American Sniper.

Wes Muilenburg: What is your favorite band/artist?

Ben Cleveland: My favorite artist is probably Eric Church.

Wes Muilenburg: Who's your favorite Georgia player currently?

Ben Cleveland: Currently playing right now is probably John Theus. I watched him play of the past few years and kinda hung out with him a little bit whenever I went down there to campus, so we have become pretty close and talk on a regular basis.

Wes Muilenburg: Who is your all-time favorite Georgia player?

Ben Cleveland: Definitely David Andrews. I watched him play the other day in the preseason game. His work ethic on and off the field has given me something to work towards.

Wes Muilenburg: So, you lineman stick together?

Ben Cleveland: Yes sir.

Wes Muilenburg: Because you all are in the trenches together?

Ben Cleveland: That’s it.

Wes Muilenburg: Has anyone influenced your decision to choose Georgia?

Ben Cleveland: I don’t think anybody influenced it. It was just the relationship I built with the school and coaches and everything like that.

Wes Muilenburg: Some players have decommitted and are considering other programs. Do you think that you committed to early?

Ben Cleveland: No. No chance. I have stuck solid to my commitment since day 1.

Wes Muilenburg: When did you commit?

Ben Cleveland: Last summer. Actually at Dawg Night.

Wes Muilenburg: What would cause you to doubt your commitment to Georgia and consider other schools?

Ben Cleveland: The only thing that would make me even remotely consider that would be a major coaching change like the whole coaching staff leaving. That would be about the only thing that would make me even think about reconsidering.

Wes Muilenburg: So the coaches really had the most impact on your decision.

Ben Cleveland: Definitely.

Wes Muilenburg: Which player do you look forward playing against at Georgia next year?

Ben Cleveland: I have a friend who graduated this past year and actually and he actually walked on at Auburn, so I think that would be a good match-up between me and him again.

Wes Muilenburg: What is his name?

Ben Cleveland: Gary Walker.

Wes Muilenburg: When do you plan on visiting Georgia campus again?

Ben Cleveland: I am actually going tomorrow (Aug. 23rd) for the scrimmage game.

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