UGA Offensive Line: Fat, Ugly & Pretty Darn Good

ATHENS - For a long time we didn't know who the starting quarterback was going to be, but we always knew who was set to protect him.

Georgia’s offensive line, which is expected to be a strength of the team this fall, is set to open the season with five firm starters. Only two players have moved around a little - one into the starting lineup and one over to start at center.

“I hate (Isaiah) Wynn and (Brandon) Kublanow,” Jordan Jenkins said bluntly. “They are both so short and and punch hard. If they get their hands on you… you are done.”

That duo - Isaiah Wynn and Brandon Kublanow - are the two questions marks on the offensive line entering the 2015 season (that’s if there is a question mark on the offensive line at all). The doubt isn’t if they two can play - insiders have been drooling over Wynn’s potential for some time. Rather the question that remains is if they can play effectively as at those spots as the David Andrews-Kublanow combination did last fall.

It was supposed to be (or at least it seemed headed towards) Wynn playing center - taking over Andrews’ spot. But somewhere in the spring, Georgia felt like Kublanow was the person best for that job. Maybe Mark Richt didn’t want a newcomer at quarterback and center… probably didn’t.

So Kublanow, who was fairly solid at guard last fall, slid over the center and will now participate in hand-to-hand combat from that spot. But it won’t just be about that duo - this group of five insists that they will fight together.

“We are just a bunch of misfit kids,” said right tackle Kolton Houston of his bunch. “We take pride in that.”

Houston is probably right. This line isn’t blessed with a few 1st round NFL guys. “Misfits” might be Houston’s nice way of saying: “We are not great individually, but we are pretty good as a unit.” If you put is that way the group is a bunch of misfits - that’s not to say you should confuse them with being dummies or green.

This group has grown up in many ways.

Remember John Theus’ cornrowed hair (I try to block it from memory as well)? 24-year old Houston mentally stopped playing football altogether at one point during his years-long fight with the clowns at the NCAA. That redshirt year really did help Greg Pyke.

“We are not like the hot-shot kids,” Houston said.

And then this dagger:

“We are fat and ugly.”

Damn bro.

So the group of “fat” and “ugly” misfits will be the group being leaned on this fall to get Georgia to the promise land? It looks like it.

“The running backs make us look real good,” Houston said.

Well at least someone does - your words… not mine.

If this unit is as good at pass protection as they are at self deprecation Georgia will do just fine.

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