Nick Chubb Won't Get His?

ATHENS - Say this about Louisiana-Monroe nose tackle Gerrand Johnson: He certainly doesn’t lack for confidence.

Asked about Georgia running back Nick Chubb on Tuesday by a local media member, Johnson sounded like he wasn’t about to back down when it was suggested that the Heisman Trophy candidate is “going to get his,” in Saturday’s game.

Johnson begged to differ.

“We never talk about guys, ‘He’s going to get his,” said the 6-foot-1, 283-pound senior. “I don’t’ care who you are. ..Our goal is to go down and stop the run. The run game is about being a man. If they run the ball on you, therefore they’re the better man then you right there. No way, know how are they going to be a better man than us. It’s going to be a knockout, dragout fight. Much due to respect to Nick Chubb. I can’t wait to play against the guy. He’s an awesome talent.”

Johnson said the rest of his defensive linemates have the same attitude.

I’m not going in, I know Lorenzo (Jackson), I know Benji (Banogu’s) not going in thinking he’s going to get his but ‘Oh well.’ No. The game’s going to turn out who can be ready to be punched more and who’s going to keep on coming. I don’t care who they are, Nick Chubb, it can be anybody. It’s never the intention for him to get his and just slow them down. It’s always to stop them. I take pride in the run game as you can see.”

Johnson led the Warhawks with 93 tackles last season

“Very impressive,” Georgia running backs coach Thomas Brown said. “He beats the mess out of a lot of people. You watch tape. I showed I can’t remember what game it was on the first day with my guys, kind of talking about the scouting report and he showed up on almost every single tackle run-game wise. So he’s very active.”

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