UGA RB Nick Chubb to Get Much-Needed Help

ATHENS - Often we make this mistake of thinking that superstar players don’t have anything to work on.

That was not the case with Nick Chubb, at least according to UGA coach Mark Richt. The passing game was something the Ceadartown native needed to work on this year, and so he did.

“We spent most of the time this spring working on those things. We tried to get him better on those things,” Richt said Wednesday. “And I think Nick is a better pass protector and better route runner (now).”

So what will the future hold for Nick Chubb? Can he be better than he was during his spectacular run of games from last season’s thumping of Missouri on? Apparently the answer is yes. We all have seen what Chubb can do - he’s gifted. But he’s got two big things in his favor for this fall. 1. Georgia’s offensive line is as experienced and gifted as a group as it might be for a long time. 2. The program has recruited multiple five-star running backs of late, and now they are healthy.

Those two things will help Chubb get where he needs to go - and that might involve a trip to New York for the Heisman ceremony.

“I think having healthy backs around him will help,” Richt added. “I don’t know if he will carry it 37 times. We just have more depth now. When Nick is in there he will be fresh, and will have other running backs to help him.”

A fresh Nick Chub is a scary Nick Chubb. The Heisman candidate had to do a lot last season he won’t have to do this year. Keep in mind that for a time in 2014, Chubb was one of Georgia’s only two true running backs on the roster not redshirting (Brendan Douglas). Todd Gurley, Sony Michel and Keith Marshall were all out against Missouri, Arkansas and Florida. Chubb had 38, 30 and 21 carries in those contests.

What’s even crazier is that Chubb pretty much had to do all of the offensive lifting by himself in October. Chubb accounted for 801 yards of offense in the three games when Gurley, Marshall and Michel were out. Georgia managed only 667 yards passing in that time.

Think about that. In many ways that’s an amazing statement of what Chubb could and can do - it also speaks to where Georgia would have been without him.

Look, Chubb is a special player, but no one can keep that sort of pace up. That’s why it is good to see that Chubb will get help this fall. Hopefully for the entire season, but any sort of help will be better than nothing.

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