UGA QB Greyson Lambert "Tall"

ATHENS - When coach Mark Richt was offering some insight into Georgia’s three scholarship quarterbacks last week, the first thing he said about 6-foot-5, 220-pound Greyson Lambert was: “He’s tall.”

In fact, the Bulldogs’ newly named starter on Saturday will become the tallest quarterback to play for Georgia going back a half century, according to the school.

In records since 1964, Mike Usry and Wayne Johnson were listed at 6-4. Usry played in seven games total in 1997 and 1998 as a backup. Johnson was Georgia’s starter in 1988 and an offensive captain and played 17 games in his Bulldog career.

“You can see probably a little bit more,” coach Mark Richt said Wednesday. “There’s probably some times he can see some things that a guy 6-foot can’t. My experience is most of the vision is in what we call a passing lane. …You don’t have to be tall to see through those, but there are times when people will blitz five and six guys so now just about every gap is in front of you. There aren’t many throwing lanes, there aren’t many vision lanes. A lot of times you can see over when you’re taller.”

That height could difference between a pass being batted down or not, Richt said.

“Taller guys as a whole probably don’t move as well as guys that aren’t quite as tall so that may be a disadvantage,” Richt said. “He’s pretty athletic for his height I think.”

There were two quarterbacks at Georgia listed at 6-5, but they never played: Zach Mettenberger, who was dismissed in 2010 and ended up at LSU and Daniel Cobb, who transferred in 1998 after two seasons and later started at Auburn.

On the night he won the starting job, Lambert and offensive lineman Hunter Long, his roommate, went out for ice cream (Lambert ate cookies and cream) to celebrate, but Richt hasn’t noticed any change at practice.

“He’s always been a really focused guy,” Richt said. “I don’t see any difference in the way he’s practicing. He’s always tried to take charge and shown leadership just like all the rest of them have.”

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