Elijah Holyfield to UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge talks about what Elijah Holyfield's commitment means to UGA.

One of the first things UGA RB coach Thomas Brown decided to do was pursue Elijah Holyfield - that seems to indicate Elijah Holyfield is Brown’s kind of back.

In fact, in terms of size and demeanor, the two remind me of one another. I think Brown was probably a better prospect because of his athleticism (he played defensive back as well as running back), but the way Holyfield plays isn’t so far from the way Brown played. Short, but powerful, Holyfield has pretty good balance. He doesn’t have home-run speed like Sony Michel, but he’s got enough to be successful in the SEC.

He’s got pretty good vision, which is a plus in this league. The vast majority of runs in the SEC are fewer than five yard. Often a good run is making what should have been a three-yard run a five-yard run. Holyfield’s body structure, vision and shiftiness give him the tools to be an adequate SEC running back. Holyfield seems very good and sticking his foot in the ground and changing directions.

Holyfield is a solid pickup for Georgia. Is he a game changer? It doesn’t seem like it right now, but he’s the top running back in Georgia, and the Bulldogs continue to flex their recruiting muscle with ball carriers. You need as many capable running backs as possible in the SEC, and it certainly seems like Holyfield is just that.

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