Jaden Hunter Considers Visiting for Bama-UGA

COLLEGE PARK - Jaden Hunter talks about family and football with Scout.

Dawg Post caught up with Jaden Hunter before Westlake took on Shiloh High School on Sept. 4th.
Westlake won 35-0 as Jaden contributed 2 sacks, 5 hurries, 5 tackles and 3 TFLs.

Wes Muilenburg: I have interviewed several kids and most have nicknames. Do you have one?

Jayden Hunter: Monster Baby.

Wes Muilenburg: Tell me how you got that name and when?

Jayden Hunter: I got it in 8th grade. I used to hang out with a lot of older kids and I was like the baby of the group and the best one so they called me Monster Baby.

Wes Muilenburg: How long have you been playing football?

Jayden Hunter: This is my 10th year.

Wes Muilenburg: How old are you?

Jayden Hunter: 16

Wes Muilenburg: So, that makes you a junior in high school? Jayden Hunter: Yes

Wes Muilenburg: Are you going to complete your senior year or are you considering an early enrollment (in college).

Jayden Hunter: I think it depends on when I make my decision.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you play any other sports?

Jayden Hunter: I decided to run track this season to get my speed up.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you have any siblings?

Jayden Hunter: Yeah, I have 3 brothers. One older and two younger. My older brother plays for Florida State as the starting safety. My two younger brothers are 14 and 12.

Wes Muilenburg: What year is your brother who plays at Florida State.

Jayden Hunter: He is a 5th year senior.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you watch him play on TV?

Jayden Hunter: Yeah, I watch him play on the TV and I am going to catch him at a game this year too.

Wes Muilenburg: Is Florida State on your short list?

Jayden Hunter: Yeah, they are definitely on my short list.

Wes Muilenburg: Because he is playing at FSU, does it make the decision easier or harder?

Jayden Hunter: Easier because I have been there several times and get to gel with the coaches.

Wes Muilenburg: Do the younger brothers play sports?

Jayden Hunter: My second to the youngest brother plays basketball here at Westlake on the varsity team.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you have a favorite movie?

Jayden Hunter: I don't.

Wes Muilenburg: Who is your favorite artist?

Jayden Hunter: Future.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you have a favorite NFL football team?

Jayden Hunter: No, I really don't.

Wes Muilenburg: Do you have favorite college football team?

Jayden Hunter: (Chuckles and remains silent.)

Wes Muilenburg: So you have a timetable for your commitment?

Jayden Hunter: I really don't have one yet. It is too early to for me to release my top teams.

Wes Muilenburg: When and where do you plan on your next campus visit?

Jayden Hunter: I'm going to the ULM game and considering the Georgia game against Alabama.

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