Trevor Lawrence Knows Visits for Fall

CARTERSVILLE - One of the top young QBs in the country, Trevor Lawrence says he knows his plan for playing in college.

Matt DeBary spoke with Cartersville QB Trevor Lawrence afer thier win over local rival Cass.

Matt DeBary: Trevor, the offense struggled early, but you managed to throw 4 touchdowns in the first half and win convincingly.  Talk about the game tonight a little bit.

Trevor Lawrence: “I just don’t think we were mentally focused tonight.  We were ready for the game, but we just didn’t come out focused.  Those penalties were bad.  I had one pick; I had a brain fart and forgot which side the play was on, so that was on me.  We picked it up and played good at the end.

Matt DeBary: What is one thing you can work on as the season progresses?

Trevor Lawrence: “Just focusing more and watching more film on the opponent.  They (Cass) played a different defense than we thought they were going to play so that always helps.

Matt DeBary: Where did you visit this summer?

Trevor Lawrence: “I went to Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia, and Duke this summer.  I liked all of them a lot.  They are all great schools obviously and they have all offered me so that has been a great experience.  It’s going crazy right now so I don’t know what my top schools are right now.”

Matt DeBary: Has your phone been blowing up with coaches calling recently?

Trevor Lawrence: “Not too bad.  My last offer was from Michigan and that was a couple weeks ago.  I’ve contacted with Clemson and a couple schools that have offered me just too stay in touch. 

Matt DeBary: How are you dealing with being a big prospect?  Are you enjoying the process so far?

Trevor Lawrence: “I’m definitely enjoying it.  I’m lucky so I’m not going to say it’s annoying, but it does get a little hectic.  You just have to stay focused and that’s what I’m trying to do right now.”

Matt DeBary: Do you have any visits set up for the fall?

Trevor Lawrence: “Yes sir I’m trying to go to about four or five games.  I’ll be going to Georgia for sure, Tennessee, Clemson, maybe an Alabama game.

Matt DeBary: Do you keep up with recruiting and what quarterbacks other schools are taking?

Trevor Lawrence: “Yes sir. I’ll notice when someone big commits somewhere but I don’t follow it too closely.  It’s everywhere when someone commits.”

Matt DeBary: Is playing time a big factor for you?

Trevor Lawrence: “It is.  I’m fine with redshirting but I want to play two years at least.”

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