UGA's Davin Bellamy: Got to be Junkyard Dogs

ATHENS - Trash talk is a part of any sport. From Deion Sanders to Larry Bird, athletes always want to let others know how good they are.

For the Georgia football team though, there aren’t too many players filling opponent's ears with insults or verbal lashings.

Malcolm Mitchell pointed to Leonard Floyd, who is viewed as quiet off the field, as the team’s biggest trash talker. Jordan Jenkins said it would take a few weeks to identify who the most prolific trash talker is.

Outside linebacker Davin Bellamy said the members of the defense do talk trash, they just may not direct insults at an opponent.

“It’s a team effort. We got to be savages and junkyard dogs, just have a little mean streak in us,” Bellamy said. “It’s just the intensity for the game. It’s all for the fun of the game.”

Georgia has had opponents chime in on its team. Louisiana-Monroe’s Gerrand Johnson said his defense was going to slow down Nick Chubb. And earlier this week Vanderbilt offensive lineman Jake Bernstein said he would take Ralph Webb, Vanderbilt’s running back, over Chubb.

Chubb ran for 1,547 yards last season, whereas Webb ran for 907. Chubb also racked up 120 yards in Georgia’s first game, and Webb had 70 yards on two more carries.

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