Perfection for Lambert? No. "On it?" Yes

ATHENS - Perfection? It wasn’t that far away for Georgia QB Greyson Lambert Saturday night.

“You hope you do that every Saturday,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said during his Sunday teleconference with reporters. “You are always striving to execute every call.”

It was a record-breaking performance for Lambert. It goes without saying that whenever you break an NCAA record (accuracy) you’ve had a good night. But what should also be underscored is that this was the best performance of Lambert’s career.

Lambert had more yards (330) and completions (24) than at any time in his three-year college career. Obviously his 96% completion rate was also the highest of his career. Only once before had Lambert completed more than 70% of his passes (2014 vs. Richmond). 

That is was an exceptional, historic night is understood by everyone who saw the performance. But there was that one incomplete pass, and Richt couldn’t help but point out that Lambert made a mistake on that play.

“On that play if he had hit his check down he probably would have walked in a scored,” Richt said. “It was Malcom about two yards across the middle. There was really nothing but grass around there. The decision to hit his check down would have been a better one.”

That play in perspective, Lambert’s turnaround was dramatic from the week before when he finished with only 116 yards and no throwing touchdowns. He completed more passes vs. South Carolina (24) than he attempted against Vanderbilt (21).

I asked Lambert Saturday: “How was last week and this week so different? I mean it is stunning how different those two weeks were for you.”

“That’s a good question,” Lambert told me with a smile. “Everything I did this week was exactly the same. We were just able to execute and play football the way we know how to. We were just on it I guess.”

That's accurate.

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