Danielson: No Surprises in Bama-UGA Game

CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson broke down Georgia's game with Alabama.

Gary Danielson on the coaching match up for Alabama-Georgia:

"With two ex-NFL coaches running each offense in Lane Kiffin and Brian Schottenheimer you’ve got coaches that have faced these types of intricate defenses and understand how to break them down - how to cover up for weaknesses in their own offense.  Nothing Saban or Georgia does is going to bother the other at all.  I know Jeremy Pruitt is a Saban disciple, but nothing Georgia does on defense will surprise Lane Kiffin.  And nothing Kirby Smart or Nick Saban does on defense isn’t something that Brian Schottenheimer hasn’t seen.  That is going to be a real interesting matchup, and both of them have elite tailbacks to be able to pound the ball."

"I see it as being a real NFL-style game where they pound and pound and want to keep third down manageable.  I don’t think the offensive coordinators really believe that they can handle the Nickel packages for the other team. I think both teams are fearful of that. And like in the NFL, a third-and-three is a passing down."

Danielson on Georgia Quarterback Greyson Lambert

"Nick Saban’s defensive philosophy has been built upon the Bill Belichick tree that for a defense to be successful, it must affect the quarterback.  Affect means disguising your defense so the quarterback doesn’t have confidence at the snap knowing exactly what you’re doing…So in this game Saban has the team he wants to go against and knows exactly where Lambert is going to be. It’s not like he’s going to have to chase him. He’s not going to play the quarterback draw.  The Saban defense is going to face an NFL style offense."

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