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Bama Embarrasses Dawgs: They Said It

ATHENS - Quotes from Georgia's 38-10 loss to Alabama.

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

On the loss to Alabama …

“The dam broke and unfortunately we just didn’t have enough counterpunches to get back in it. First, give them credit for the job they did.

I’m disappointed for us a team, players and coaches, but I know our fans are sick about it and I don’t blame them. It’s no fun to have that

kind of performance. But it’s a long season and we have to get ready for the next one. We’ve got to make a lot of corrections and get back

on track.

“We got whipped, we all know it and we’ve got to do something about it. We’ll watch the film and face the truth and look at ways we can

improve. We as coaches have to make decisions to do that.”

On getting ready for the next game …

“It’s one day, it’s one game, no doubt it’s hurtful, but the only choice we have is to get back in there and start swinging. It’s business as

usual. We’ve got to look at the film and come up with the best plan possible that give us the best chance to win. Then we’ve got to

execute it. Without execution, it’s tough. We’ve got to continue to learn and get better at it. … Our goal is to get better. We’ve got to get

back in there and find a way to improve in every area of our game.”

On using both quarterbacks …

“Part of it was just trying to get a little spark. It was a wet day and it’s hard to handle that wet ball, but Brice (Ramsey) has always thrown a

wet ball pretty well. That was part of the thinking. … It’s tough to throw and catch in that kind of weather. And it’s tough the mount a

comeback in that kind of torrential downpour.”

QB Greyson Lambert

On Saturday’s game vs. Alabama…

“It was a tough one. My hats off to their defense. They came ready to play, and we just did not execute – whether it was communication or

X’s and O’s we did not do our job.”

On Alabama’s defense being tough to play in the rain…

“We knew they had a good defense and we were going to have to bring our A game. There’s no excuses. We were able to practice in the

rain all week and we have to do a better job of holding onto the football.

TB Nick Chubb

On the goal of winning the SEC East…

“We aren’t just going to tuck our tails because we lost the game. The (SEC) East is still open and we have plenty to play for. We have to

keep our heads up and keep going.”

On Alabama’s defense …

“Those guys are big and physical. I know they were coming down hill strong and tackling us pretty well.”

LB Jordan Jenkins

On the defense’s performance on Saturday vs. Alabama…

“As a defense, we know that we did not play Georgia football today and we have to work on that right away.”

On the interception return for a touchdown to begin the second half…

“As a defense you can’t let that affect you. You have to keep moving on and let that motivate you the rest of the game.”

On the goal of winning the SEC East…

“Until someone says we have no chance, we are going to keep fighting.”

OT John Theus

On moving on from today’s game…

“We will wash it off pretty quickly. In this league you can’t focus on one game for too long, so we will watch film, learn from it and move


On what went wrong on Saturday…

“We did not execute in every facet of the game. It comes down to blocking, tackling and making plays, and we did not do that today. We

will see what happens on film and fix it.”

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Opening statement…

“I was really proud of our players today, our team today. I thought this was a difficult challenge for them. I told them before the game that

the plan that we had for them, ordinary men couldn’t go out there and get it done. We needed them to be extraordinary and that they

were, and they were special. They’ve been that way all year. I know they’ve been criticized a lot, but I thought we played an outstanding

game today, every part of the game. There were tough conditions out there. The quarterback did a fantastic job, we moved the ball

effectively on offense. We made a couple of explosive plays. The defense did a great job except for the one long run, where they got in the

wrong gaps. But we scored on special teams, we scored on defense and we scored on offense. We scored in all three areas of the game. I

can’t tell you how proud I am of the players, coaches, people here that really believed in this team. I believe in this team. We’ve just got to

be focused on getting better. This is one game. Georgia’s got a really good team. Tough circumstances out there for us today, both teams.

Our team handled it well, and I think that’s why we had success. A lot of mental toughness, a lot of physical toughness, and I’m really

proud of the way our guys showed competitive character in this game.”

On the performance of the front seven…

“We played against a really good team. I think in games like this, and we were going to play it close to the vest and try to run the ball,

throw play-action passes because we did not want to get behind in the game. We were fortunate to get ahead in the game, got some

good execution, we made plays, blocked a punt. I think it’s very difficult to come back when you’re taken out of your game plan in

situations like that. Our guys did a great job in executing the plan and they couldn’t run the ball on us except on the one run. They got in a

lot of third down situations which is very difficult to manage on a day like today. I thought our defensive front seven did a great job and I

thought we played well in the secondary as well. It was obvious that their plan was to go after Marlon (Humphrey) early in the game so we

flip-flopped corners and put (Cyrus Jones) on them the rest of the way and he did a good job.”

On where Alabama is at now as a team…

“I think we’ve improved. I think we’re getting better. I think it’s one game. I think we have to show that we can play with consistency. I

don’t think we finished the game like we needed to, which is something we need to learn from. If it was a close game that would’ve have

been a good thing. We couldn’t take the air out of the ball on offense, we couldn’t run the ball at the end of the game like we wanted to,

we gave up a big play on defense. It’s one game. Next week you’ll be asking me what we’re going to do different to get ready for the

game because it’s a big game. Then the next game after that will be the same thing. We have a process that we like to use, try to get the

players ready and to improve. I thought they played their best game of the year today and against a good team.”

On momentum from early stops on defense…

“I think it was huge. Momentum is big in a game like this. We put together a good drive and then we made a couple of big plays, and that

sort of changed the game completely. The early turnover, them not scoring is always big. Our defense has played pretty well all year long

except for a couple of big plays against Ole Miss. They had a big one again today too so we’ll want to correct that.”

QB Jake Coker

On the victory…

“It was a really good win. We came in feeling confident with the game plan that we had put together, but we are really excited about the

win…It was unbelievable and we had a lot of fun out there.”

On winning on the road…

“It was awesome. Ever since I was little I’ve dreamed of beating Georgia and all of those good schools, so this was pretty sweet.”

LB Reggie Ragland

On containing Georgia’s quarterbacks…

“That was our game plan going in, just to try and rattle them and get them off of their game plan. They are two good quarterbacks and it

was up to us get them off of their game so their passing game wouldn’t be an issue.”

OT Cam Robinson

On Alabama’s confident quarterback play…

“Our big thing is to make sure he (Coker) is comfortable. If we give him time and give him some rhythm then he’ll be able to play pitch and

catch with our playmakers on the other side.”

DE Jarran Reed

On the impact of this win…

“It helps us with our confidence to get better each and every week, just seeing what we can do. We came out here, and Chubb is a great

back, but you have to come to win every week and dominate the line of scrimmage.”

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