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Dawgs Collapse: They Said It

KNOXVILLE - Reaction from Georgia players after Georgia's 38-31 loss to Tennessee.

TB Sony Michel

“I know my team fought hard. We made a lot of mistakes and I feel like I made the biggest mistake to turn this game around. I kind of want to take this game upon myself – I feel like we lost this game because of me.”

(On fumble on kickoff return)

“I wasn’t holding onto the ball tight enough and gave it away and killed momentum.”

(On support of team after fumble)

“My team is always supportive and they’re always there for me no matter what happens – good or bad, they’re always there. It just sucks when I’m not able to respond how they want me to.”

(On Chubb’s injury)

 “I talked to him a little bit on the sideline. He’s in good spirits and he knew I had to go in there and kind of play his role and play the game for him.”

“I was prepared for this moment – he prepared me for this moment.”


(On any pressure entering the game)

“There was no pressure, just lack of focus. I went in that game and gave it up. That’s the number one rule – never give up the ball.”

“We’re just going to have to leave this behind us and move on forward to the next game – Missouri. We’re going to try to get our ultimate goal to win the game.”

(On Reggie Davis’s play)

“Everybody makes mistakes, but I think if I would have never fumbled then we would not have been in that position to count on him to kick that ball.”



SE Malcom Mitchell


(On Sony Michel’s postgame comment regarding his fumble in the game)


“I wish he never would have made that comment. If I was by him I wouldn’t have let him make that comment because the game is 60 minutes. It’s a team effort. We’re supposed to have his back…I just don’t like when teammates put the blame on themselves because they’re not the only one on the field.”

(On where Georgia goes from here)

“The most dishonorable thing to the “G” is to give up.”

(On Nick Chubb’s injury)

“I think the loss of Nick Chubb is an emotional loss that will feel more now than during the game. Unfortunately that comes with territory. That’s a part of the game: injuries. Unfortunately sometimes [we suffer] injuries, so we’ll be there for him as his teammate and as his friend. I’m not even sure what is wrong with him to be honest, so I don’t know what is going on.”


QB Greyson Lambert

(On tonight’s loss)

“You know, all losses are tough – this one today is extra tough. We’ve got to be able to put them behind us and move on – that’s football, that’s how it works.  We’ve got to put behind both the wins and losses and move on to the next week.”

(On his playing in the game)

“I don’t know, I haven’t watched the film obviously. But, I didn’t do enough to help out. I know we didn’t do well on third down and I take a lot of the blame for that – missing a couple of throws but I don’t know.”

(On regrouping post game)

“There’s really no other option but to just regroup and think, come back and come back fighting. I feel like we’re a resilient team and we have to come back and move forward. [We have to] learn from the mistakes, build off the good stuff and just move forward.”

(On Chubb’s injury)

“You never want to see any of that stuff happen.  You never think about it but he’s probably the least deserving person for something like that to happen to. It was tough but obviously we had 59 minutes and 30 seconds left in the ballgame so it was next man up mentality. The game had just started and we had so much adrenaline going for the game that we had to keep moving on and moving forward.”


ILB Jake Ganus

(On the loss)

“We just [have] to go back, get in the film room, and just have to keep going forward. You never know what can happen in this league, and our full focus now is on Missouri so we just got to go and prepare for them.”

(On looking back at the game)

“We had a lot of miscommunication and just a lot of different things, lack of education, and we just didn’t execute as well as we needed to. It’s disappointing but you just have to learn from it and move on.”


“You know when different offices bring different problems, and schematically we had a really good plan and overall we just need to execute better. Just knowing where your eyes are supposed to be and always just focusing on the little things. We had a lot of quarterback runs and were chasing the running back – play action passes and whatnot. So those are things as a defense we have to get better and mature at.


(On UT’s score in second quarter)

“Yeah I mean, that was tough but we can’t let that affect it – how we play. We came out in the second half and got a stop right away so we weren’t thinking about that. In the end, they played better and made more plays.”

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