Film Don't Lie: Dawgs in 3rd Down vs. UT

ATHENS - Jonathan Branch breaks down eight different third-down situations from Georgia's loss to Tennessee.

Situation No. 1: 3-10 from the G25

1. Georgia runs a screen play which sets up perfectly since UT brings two men on a blitz to Lambert's right.

2. Georgia's line lets the blitzes through to set up the screen, which is opening up nicely. Davis is crossing to take his man away from the play and to potentially lay the block on the lone UT defender over the middle. Also, Kublanow has space to get out and find a block to spring Michel.

3. Lambert pulls the trigger as Davis preps to throw a block and Kublanow gets outside to block.

4. Michel has an easy first down.

Situation No. 2: 3-8 from the UT20

5. Notice the bottom of the screen, as Lambert locks on to this side. Godwin is the inside receiver, Malcolm is in the middle (PUNS) and Davis is outside.

6. Davis runs an in, Mitchell runs a quick curl and Godwin runs a deep corner route. Tennessee lets its nickel back drift into a cover-3 look along with the two safeties over the top. Note that one safety is 5 yards on top of Godwin, while the Nickel's zone has him bracketed outside, where Godwin's route will take him.

7. Mitchell appears open a few yards shy of the first down. A ball to his right side would give a shot at a first down, but that could be shy of the first down marker. Either way a completion would make an upcoming FG attempt a few yards easier. 

8. Lambert goes deep to Godwin, despite that he's now in double coverage. Godwin manages to undercut nickel but the pass falls incomplete.

Situation No. 3: 3-12 from the GA35

9. Georgia goes for another screen on this third-and-long, and UT defensive end Derek Barnett (#9 on the bottom of the line) snuffs it out.

10. Lambert looks left to bait the secondary. While Marshall attempts to follow blockers out of the backfield, Barnett crosses Kublanow's face and breaks through..

11. He engages with Marshall, who can't release...

12. Lambert sees Marshall is caught inside and decides to scramble out to extend the play.

13. Eventually, Lambert tosses a throw off the wrong foot near Marshall's feet and Georgia is forced to punt.

Situation No. 4: 3-3 from the GA35

14. Georgia runs a PA pass -- Godwin (slot receiver on the top side) is the primary target on a quick slant.

15. Tennessee's CB bumps Godwin and stays in his hip pocket, taking Lambert's primary receiver away...

16. ...Lambert has completely opened up his shoulder to the left, and Wynn (77) is losing his battle at this point...

17. Lambert backpedals to avoid the three defenders that are heading his way...

18. ...Lambert gets a flatfooted pass off to Malcolm Mitchell, whose defender has had his back turned the entire time. Essentially a lob pass into the paint...

19. Mitchell does a nice job of playing the ball in the air and gets the first down over his defender who never turned around.

Situation No. 5: 3-9 at the GA44.

20. No need to rehash much here. Lambert did a nice job avoiding trouble and giving himself a chance. Reggie Davis got behind his man and was in full position to score... Moving on.

Situation No. 6: 3-10 at the GA25

21. This is Georgia's last chance with the ball, so this was a very critical pick up.

22. Davis, the outside receiver, runs a fly. Jay Rome runs wide before an in-route. From the slot, Godwin runs an aggressive out before a spin and in route.

23. Wisely, Lambert hits Godwin coming out of his break, giving him room to make a safe throw and for Godwin to gain the first down…

Situation No. 7: 3-10 at the UT 45.

24. This is the final 3rd down attempt of the game. Georgia is out of timeouts, so this needs to be a first down or OOB.

25. Lambert does a nice job of navigating some pressure, stepping up in the pocket and into his throw, which is fired in the middle of the field to Kenneth Towns...

26. Towns completes the catch to convert.

Situation No. 8: 3-10 at the GA 28.

A. UT’s corners show a press look on the outside.

B. Tennessee confuses Lambert into thinking it’s man coverage. Lambert picks up his first read (Malcolm Mitchell) who is running an out route from the slot that would typically beat man coverage since the outside receiver would run the other corner out of the play. Notice that the zone coverage is evident against the receivers to Lambert’s left.

C. Lambert fires a pass to what he believes will lead Mitchell open into the flat if this were man coverage. Instead, because of UT’s zone, there is a corner sitting in the zone that Lambert is throwing into.

D. The result is a pass breakup that was very risky and nearly an INT - possibly a pick six. Malcolm does a nice job of staying with the ball and helps body the corner from jumping the route any more.

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