Reggie Davis Not a Glutton for Punishment

ATHENS - Reggie Davis is not a glutton for punishment. Really.

The Georgia wide receiver said he watched his crucial fourth quarter drop from Saturday’s 38-31 loss at Tennessee on a would be touchdown about 15 times.

He watched it alone. He broke it down with wide receivers coach Bryan McClendon.

“It’s just to see what I did wrong and how I could have adjusted on it better or how I could have made a different type of catch or attempted to catch it,” said Davis, who believes he simply took his eye off the ball on the pass to him at the 5-yard line.

Now the junior has moved on to Missouri and is ready to make more plays.

“After this past weekend, I really just need to get back on the field so I can get my mind off a lot of things,” Davis said.

Davis was named a captain for Saturday’s game. He had a 70-yard punt return touchdown and three catches for for 101 yards and a touchdown.

He made a nifty catch on a 35-yard pass from Greyson Lambert in the second quarter, adjusting to make the catch.

“I saw it and it disappeared from my vision,” Davis said. “I knew it was on the other side of me. I just turned around as fast as I could and retracked it. …When I first got here I would have drifted all the way until I saw it again. Over the years and practice, it kind of came second nature.”

Teammates told Davis his drop later in the game isn’t why Georgia lost.

“We’re also focused on everything that led to that moment,” offensive guard Isaih Wynn said, “when we could have been ahead or any type of other situation.”

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