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UGA Survives High Point: They Said It

ATHENS - Quotes from Georgia's 49-46 win over High Point.

Georgia Head Coach Mark Fox

On tonight’s game…

“I have too many moving parts, too many different lineups, and I have coached them poorly offensively. Obviously, tonight, with massive foul trouble, and we really don’t have Derek (Ogbeide) and Yante [Maten], we’re just trying to patch it together and we just really did not play well offensively. But that should take nothing away from High Point’s defensive effort. I thought their defense was good. We obviously shot the three well in the first half, did not shoot it well in the second half, and didn’t play beautiful. But we won, and we beat a good basketball team.”

On what he learned from his team…

“We learned a lot. This game is great for us, to be challenged, to be tested, to have to do some things on the fly. For Mike Edwards to go in there with four fouls up (by three points), ‘Hey, do I give him a layup or should I just foul the guy, force him to make two free throws?’ Great foul. Great foul by Mike Edwards. These games will really help us in the long run. We know we have a lot to improve on. And High Point has a good team.”

Charles mann

On win at free throw line….

“I was nice to get the ball at the end. I’ve been working a lot- shooting 100 free throws every day. I just stayed confident.”

On wanting ball at the end…

“I want the ball all the time. But I felt confident to take two shots at the line and knock down both of them.

J.J. Frazier

On tonight’s shooting…

“The second half was pretty bad. There isn’t really any way to explain that one. It was just one of those nights where everything was clinking off the rim in the second half. We got a little frustrated but we understand that it’s a part of the game. We’re not shooting the ball well right now, particularly me, but that is a part of the game of basketball.”

On tonight’s win…

“There’s not a relief, but a win is a win. It could be an ugly win, a pretty win, but when we get a W at the end of the column, we don’t really care how we get it. We have to learn from our mistakes obviously, but a win is a win.”

High Point Head Coach Scott Cherry

On the second half...

“You look at us defensively, they were 3-for-22 from the field, 0-for-9 from three, and got 10 of their 16 points from the free-throw line in the second half. We really, defensively, played well. We did some really good things today. We got some offensive rebounds and turned them over 16 times. We did so many good things, but the ball just wouldn’t go in the basket...I was proud of the guys’ effort in the second half.”

On the low scoring...

“I feel bad for the guys...It was amazing, I haven’t seen the ball struggle to go through the basket for us like that in a really long time. They were trying to do what I told them to do, they were driving the ball. It was tough to make shots under the basket because of (Georgia’s) length and athleticism. We gave ourselves chances to get the victory tonight and we just didn’t shoot well enough.”

Lorenzo Cugini

On High Point’s defense...

“It was a really big point of emphasis before the game. They are a bigger team than we are and we were definitely battling out there.”

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