Legge's Thoughts: Make a Decision Already

ATHENS - We’ve reached a point where leadership is needed.

Someone needs to stand up and say something at some point here - Jere Morehead, Greg McGarity… perhaps UGA X. 

It needs to be clear sooner than later that Mark Richt will or will not be the head coach at Georgia next year. Jacob Eason wants to know… that’s for sure. But more than young Jacob, someone needs to step up an explain to the Bulldog Nation if this $40 million experiment is worth continuing or not. 

Not answering, or “No comment” is not an acceptable answer after Monday at noon. 

I realize that someone not from a mainstream media source really doesn’t have much pull in all of this. And, frankly, I’m not necessarily advocating for firing or retaining Mark Richt (although I would retain him so long as he terminates Brian Schottenheimer). 

What I am saying is that Georgia is not built to go through another lead up to a bowl where the entire media contingent that covers the Dawgs is being fed information that Richt will be terminated. That simply can’t happen again. 

That’s where McGarity and Morehead have the ability to act. Both can terminate Richt, or they can act like everyone in the media was making a bunch of nothing into something by saying that there was never a problem all along. 

Either way something must happen. 

Mark Richt deserves better than twisting in the wind. He’s been at Georgia longer than both Morehead and McGarity. He’s given Georgia many great things. He’s failed at times. But folks will long remember his positive contributions to the institution in Athens. 

That’s why this isn’t a difficult thing to do or say. All those power brokers, and I am assuming one of the two of them holds the key to this decision, have to do is pick up the phone and call Claude Felton to let him know the news. 

Then the never-ending cycle of behind-the-scenes disfunction can end once and for all. 

Mark Richt deserves better than this, that I am certain of, but the Georgia people (many of whom one again took over Bobby Dodd Stadium on Saturday) deserve to know what the status of their head coach is. 

Inaction is not an option.

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