The Iron Dawgs Max Out

After a summer of grueling workouts, Georgia Football Players spent the week measuring their gains. Here are some of the high-lights from the week in the weightroom.

The Iron Dawgs have been busy in the weight room this summer working to defend Georgia's SEC Title. brought you three photo galleries of the players in action, and this week, all of the hard work was put to the test as the Dawgs tested for Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave VanHalanger.

The following results are some of the highlights from the tests that occurred Monday through Thursday, and will bring you a more extensive list in the very near future.

Ben Watson
Ben Watson had a 565 pound bench press, 350 pound clean, and a 600 pound squat. Evidently Watson is suffering from a slight case of tendonitis in his knee, or he would have gone for a 400 pound power clean. 

Ken Veal improved his bench press to 560 pounds.

Robert Brannon also benched 500 pounds.

6 players squatted over 600 pounds with David Pollack hitting 700 before he was stopped. There was no reason to push the SEC player any farther and risk injury. His 700 pounds was a full parallel squat.

The happiest man on campus looks to be Odell Thurman who is back to Georgia after spending last year in Junior College. Thurman does

Odell Thurman (right) with Arnold Harrison
everything with a smile on his face, and he is an inspiration to teammates, encouraging them through lifts and drills. Thurman is more than just enthusiasm though, he posted a 445 pound bench press and 550 pound squat this week.

Thomas Davis almost as physically gifted as the player he will replace this year, Boss Bailey. Davis currently weighs 227 pounds and had a 385 pound bench press with a 40" vertical leap. It's scary to think that Bailey had a 48" vertical last year.

Reggie Brown had the best vertical on the week with a leap of 43" and right on his tail was quarterback D.J. Shockley at 42".

Pollack's overall numbers on the week were a squat of 700, 420 bench press, and 360 power clean.

Martrez Milner is making big strides as well. His 600 pound squat opened some eyes in Athens this week. Tony Taylor is another player that was impressive during drills according to Coach Van Halanger, but his numbers are not currently available.

On one final note, any rumors of Michael Cooper's physical demise appear to be pre-mature, as the redshirt freshman posted a 600 pound squat this week.

"We're just thrilled the way the guys attacked the weight room this week," said Van Halanger. "They went after it like it was a game in there this week. They really encourage each other and get excited for one another. The fun part of this is, we're going to get to see a lot of these kids for a few years. We only have 11 seniors in here."

The importance of Coach Van Halanger's role in Georgia's 2002 SEC Championship as not only a strength and conditioning coach, but also as a mentor and daily role model for the players cannot be emphasized enough. The Dawgpost will have a feature article on Coach Van Halanger in September's issue, and Dawg fans will get to know more about the man behind the scenes that is such an integral part of the Georgia Bulldog program.

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